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2. Thomas Seymour

2. THOMAS2 SEYMOUR (Richard1), of Norwalk, Conn., baptized at Sawbridgeworth, co. Herts, England, 15 July 1632, died at Norwalk, Conn., between 22 Sept. 1712, the date of his will, and 15 Oct. 1712, when the inventory of his estate was taken. He married first, at Norwalk, 5 Jan. 1653/4, HANNAH MARVIN, born in co. Essex, England, about Oct. 1634, living in 1680, daughter of Matthew1 and Elizabeth; secondly, between 1690 and 1697, SARAH, widow of Thomas Wildman of Bedford, N.Y.; and thirdly, ELIZABETH.

He was brought to New England by his parents about 1638-9, when he was about six years old, lived with them at Hartford, Conn., until about 1651, and then removed with them to Norwalk. As his mother remarried very soon after his father's death in 1655 and removed with her younger children to Farmington, Conn., and as he was the only one of the children who was of age at that time, he succeeded to his father's lands in Norwalk, and lived there until his death. He was freeman in 1668, one of the patentees in 1686, and a deputy from Norwalk to the Connecticut General Court in 1690.

The will of Thomas Seymour, copied verbatim from the original in the files, follows. The inventory of his estate, taken 15 Oct. 1712 by John Raymond and Samuel Smith, showed property appraised at £351.5s.

In the Name of God Amen the Tweenty second Day of September In the Year of our Lord 1712 I Thomas Seamer of Norwalk in ye County of Fairfield of the Colony of Connecticut in New England, being Verry sick and Weak in Body, but of perfect Mind & Memory thanks be given unto God; therefore Calling to mind the mortallity of my Body, and Knowing that it is appointed for men once to dye, Do Make and Ordain this my Last Will and Testament, that is to say principally and first of all, I give and Recomend my Soul into ye hands of God that gave it, Hopeing through the Merrits, Death and passion of my Saviour Jesus Christ to have full and free pardon and forgiveness of all my sins, and to Inherit Everlasting Life; and my Body I Comit to the Earth to be Decently Buried at ye Discretion of my Executrs here after Named, Nothing Doubting but at ye Generall resurrection I shall Receive ye same again by the Mighty power of God. - And As Touching Such Worldly Estate Wherewith it hath pleased God to Bless me in this life, I give Demise and Dispose of ye same in ye following maner & form-That is to say, first I Will that all those Debts and Duties as I do Ow in Right or Consience to any Maner of person or persons Whatsoever, shall be Well and true Contented & paid or Ordained to be paid in Convenient time after my Decease by My Executrs hereafter Named. -

Item: I Give and bequeath to Elizabeth Seamer my dearly beloved Wife, all & whatsoever of goods or Estate that she Brought with her and one pair of Curtains that she made since her liveing with me and one of my Cows as she may Chose forever. -

Item I give to my said Wife the Use and Improvement of my House & Barn, Half my Orchard & the West End of my Home Lott from the swamp, with also all of my Meadow Land on stony Hill (as may be Sufficient to aford Hay for ye Keeping one Cow or more) also my Bed Beding & Bedsted, my Copper Kettle and all other such Necessary Houshold Utansels as may be for her Comfort and all this Dureing her Continuance my Widdow. Also I give to my said Wife What provision shall be found Lay'd in for ye families Use at my Decease, - also I give to my said Wife My New Bible:

Item I give to my Son John Seamer the Use & Improvement of the other half of my Orchyard Dureing my Wifes Continuing my Widdow And to my sons Matthew & John Seamer ye Use of my Kill & malt House -

Item I give and bequeath to my Well beloved Grand son Thomas Seamer my House Barn Home Lott & Orchyard Upon my afor said Wife Decease or Marriage to be to him his heirs and Assigns forever.

Item. I give and bequeath to my Well beloved Sons viz Matthew Seamer & John Seamer the Rest of my Lands and Meedows whatsoever & Moveable Estate that I have in Norwalk or Else where to be Divided Equally between them and my Will is that my Son John Seamer Have In part of his part my Barren Marsh Meedow Joyning to his own Land

Item My Will is that my said sons Matthew and John Seamer shall in some Conveniant season after my Decease pay to Each of My Surviveing Daughters four pounds in provision pay apiece Except my Daughter Elizabeth Knap they paying to her ye sum of tweenty shillings in pay abovesaid -

I likewise Constitute make and Ordain My said sons Matthew Seamer & John Seamer Executers of this my Last Will and Testament And I do hereby Utterly Dissalow Revoke and dissanul all and Every Other former Testaments Wills & Leagacies Bequests and Executrs by me in any Wayes before this time Named Willed & bequeathed Rattifying and Confirming this and no Other to be my Last Will & Testament -

In Witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and Seal the Day and year above Written.

Signed, Sealed Published pronounced and Mark
declared by the said Thomas Seamer Thomas T S Seamer (seal)
as his Last Will and Testament in the his
presence of us the Subscribers -
Thomas Betts Senr
John Copp

The foregoing original will of Thomas Seymour may be seen in the probate files in the State Library at Hartford, with the original seal charged with the two ,wings conjoined in lure, forming the paternal coat of the Seymours of Penhow. It is small, of crumbling reddish brown wax, and evidently an impression from a well-worn signet, undoubtedly brought from England by his father. Photographs of the will itself and of the seal enlarged will be found in the present volume.


October the 15th: 1712

An Inventory of the Estate of Thomas semer Late of norwalk dececed Taken by us whose names are under written: as followeth in primes

it: to one rackcoone hat: 01- 5-0
it: to one new druget cote 02-10-0
it: to one druget cote: 12s: to [o]ne druget uest 01-10-0
it: to one paire of flanel briches 00-07-0
it: to one new flanel uest not finished 01-04-0
it: to two paire of Linin briches 00-08-0
it: to one paire of Lether briches 00-06-0
it: to two shurts 00-10-0
it: to one muslen neeckclath 00-02-0
it: to three paire of stockens 00-09-0
it: to one hat 00-02-0
it: to one new shurt clath 00-10-0
it: to one fetherbed and bolster 03-02-0
it: to two fether pillows 00-09-0
it: to one rudg 1£: 0 0 to one checker couerled 02-10-0
it: to one blanket: 01-04-0
it: to one blanket 00-10-0
it: to one more blanket 01-00-0
it: to one blanket and one couerled 01-10-0
it: to one fether boulster 00-16-0
it: to one rudg 00-08-0
it: to foure paire of sheets 07-00-0
it: to one paire of old sheets 00-05-0
it: to curtens and uallants 02-08-0
it: to one bedsteed and cord 00-12-0
it: to one bedticken boulster ticken 00-05-0
it: to one bedsteed and cord 00-08-0
it: to two paire of pillowbears 00-16-0
it: to: 8: napcens & towels 00-16-0
it: to two tableclaths 00-07-0
it: to one straining clath 00-01-6
it: to one table 00-10-0
it: to one great chest 00-12-0
it: to one old box 00-02-0
it: to one chest 00-12-0
it: to one warming pan 00-17-0
it: to one old chest 00-02-0
it: to one great brass cettel 07-10-0
it: to one copper cettel 00-12-0
it: to one brass scillet and frame 00-05-0
it: to two putter platters 00-10-0
it: to two putter basons: 10s: and :3: putter pots all: 17-0
it: to two putter porengers :4: and one tumbler 00-04-6
it: to one tin cullender 00-02-0
it: to foure putter platters 01-10-0
it: to three putter plats :6s: 0: to three putter basons: 12s: all 18-0
it: to two putter cups: 3: and old putter one shiling all 04-0
it: to earthenware-15-and two ston pots-all 18-0
it: to four spoons-02: and ten trenchers-all 00-03-6
it: to three payels-03: and three trayes-all 00-06-0
it: to one ston cu1)-00-6: and :5: glass bottel: all 00-03-6
it: to one paire of tayllers sheeres: and one inkhorn- 00-03-6
it: to one rayser and hone and knife 00-05-0
it: to two iron candolstick 00-02-0
it: to one fryingpan: gridgiron: and fleshforke 00-09-0
it: to one iron pot and pothocks 00-15-0
it: to one tramel: 8s: and fireflis: 8s: and tongs: all: 00-17-0
it: to one great iron pot 00-15-0
it: to new iron: 5: and one paire of stilyards: all 01-01-0
it: to one small iron cettel 00-07-0
it: to one hamer and foure gimblets: and goudg 00-04-0
it: to bettel rings: and ads: and old iron 00-06-0
it: to foure exes: 8s: and one shaueing knife 00-09-6
it: to one paire of pinchers: and sheep sheeres 00-03-0
it: to armes and amanition 01-00-0
it: to iron: crow: 10s: and horse geeres: 5s: all 00-15-0
it: to one old saddol: 06: and one chaping knif 00-06-6
it: to plow and plow irons 01-10-0
it: to wheet and barly in the barn 02-02-0
it: to flex to drees :15s: and one frow 2:6: all: 00-17-6
it: to three sickels 4: and peesehoock: 1-6- all 00-05-6
it: to one broode how: and crackel 00-05-6
it: to one grinston and extree and winck 00-05-0
it: to old iron: 4s: and one great bible 00-14-0
it: to one bible: 10: and: 1: great boock: &: 4: small books 01-00-0
it: to three chaires: 8 :-0: and flex to swingle all 00-18-0
it: to one paire of cards: 5s: and wool all 00-09-0
it: to malt in the house -2-0-0: and indion com all 04-14-0
it: to one corn fan 1-0-0: and one half bushel all 01-01-6
it: to wool: and one old how 00-09-0
it: to one yoke and yoke irons 00-05-0
it: to butter and cheese: 1-16-0: and meet in the house: 03-00-0
it: to one earthen pot: and one stone pot:&: wooden bot 04-0
it: to one churn and small tubs: 2 pigeins all 0-10-0.
it: to one box iron: 8: and one Looking glas-all 00-13-0
it: to tobacon 1-0-0: and hops 02-07-0
it: to one hare clath 1-10-0 :&: bucket hoops & bail 1-13-0
it: to tubs: and cask: and boudering tubs: and meete troufes 2-00-0
it: to blanket yarn: and tow yam 00-10-0
it: to: 5: swine: 3-0-0: and one cheesepres: &: one hiue of bees all 3-13-0
it: to one hors: 3-0-0: and two oxen: 12-0-0: &: 3 cows: 10-0-0:: all 25-00-0
it: to one yere old steer: 2-0-0: and two calfs -02-00 all 04-00-0
it: to the house barn malthouse & orchard and homelot-all 80-00-0
it: to the frutfull spring Lot 30-00-0
it: to the stonihill Lot: 48-0-0: and a peece of salt meddow at sacotuck plain 54-00-0
it: to the Land at dryebrook 45-00-0
it: to the raylehill Lot 16-00-0
it: to the Land att the woulfpit hills 18-00-0
it: to the Land att the old hill 18-00-0
it: to the Land on the east side the riuer at pimpewalk 10-00-0
it: to the Land on the horse pound hill between the parts 08-00-0
it: to the Land and meddow at baranmarsh 50-00-0
it: to the sheep in the flock 05-00-0
it: to one paire of specttickls 00-02-0
it: to a: 11 pound and a half of Linin yam 01-14-6
it: to one iuiry come: a: 2: paire of old sisus 00-03-6
it: to cart and wheels and cart tacklen 03-10-0
it: to two iron wedges and one iron presing iron 00-04-0
it: to one paire of glases 00-02-6
Itm: two acres of Land ouer sacotuck riuer 04-00-00
Itm: one iron chayne 00-15-00
Mrs Elisabeth Seamer made John Raymond
oath to the Inuentory of her samuel smith
Deceased Husbands Estat
Before: James: Olmsted Justice:

January 7th 1712/13

Ensign Mathew Semer and John Seerner appeared in ye prerogative Court held in Fairfield Janry 7th 1712/13, and gave oath to the truth of the aboue Inuentory and if any thing shall after appear they will Cause the same to be inserted

Children by first wife, born at Norwalk:
i. HANNAH3, b. 12 Dec. 1654; m. at Norwalk, 12 Oct. 1675, FRANCIS3 BUSHNELL of Norwalk and Danbury, Conn., b. in Jan. 1649/50, d. at Danbury in Oct. 1697, s. of Lieut. William1 (Francis2) and Rebecca (Chapman).
1. Hannah, b. 22 Aug. 1676.
2. Mary, b. 21 Dec. 1679; m. John Taylor.
3. Abigail.
4. Lydia, b. in 1681; m. John Fitch.
5. Mercy, b. in 1687; d. 9 Nov. 1767; m. (1) 3 Jan. 1712, Maj. John Bostwick of New Milford, Conn.; m. (2) Capt. James Lockwood of Norwalk.
6. Rebecca, living unm. in 1712.
7. Judith, living unm. In 1712
ii. ABIGAIL, b. in Jan. 1655/6; m. 16 Nov. 1676, THOMAS2 PICKET, bapt. at Salem, Mass., 19 Nov. 1648, s. of John1 and Margaret. They resided at Stratford, Conn.
1. Abigail, b. 30 July 1678.
2. Hannah, b. 20 May 1680.
3. Jacob, b. 16 Feb. 1680/1.
iii. MARY (twin), b. in Sept. 1658; m. at Norwalk, in May 1682, DEA. JOSHUA3 BUSHNELL of Saybrook, Conn., b. at Saybrook 6 May 1644, d. in Mar. 1710, s. of Lieut. William2 (Francis1) and Rebecca (Chapman).
1. Thankful, b. 3 Jan. 1686.
2. Capt. Joshua of Saybrook, b. 8 Nov. 1690; d. in 1767; m. (1) 21 Jan. 1711/12, Margaret Chapman, who d. 14 Feb. 1716; m. (2) 23 Feb. 1717/18, Elizabeth Hawley; m. (3) Lydia Lynde; one daughter by first wife, three children by second wife, one daughter by third wife.
3. Hannah, b. 16 Nov. 1693; m. 18 Feb. 1712/13, Joseph Nettleton of Killingworth, Conn.
iv. SARAH (twin), b. in Sept. 1658.
v. THOMAS, b. in Sept. 1660; d. young.
vi. MERCY, b. in Nov. 1666.
6. vii. Capt. MATTHEW, b. in May 1669 in Norwalk. d. 1735 in Norwalk. 12 Children
viii. ELIZABETH, b. in Dec. 1673; d. at Greenwich, Conn., 17 June 1713; m. at Greenwich, 16 Mar. 1699, TIMOTHY3 KNAPP, b. in 1668, d. abt. 1737, s. of Joshua2 (Nicholas1) and Hannah (Close). He m. (2) 16 Feb. 1713/14 Martha Weeks.
1. Rebecca, b. 24 Sept. 1701.
2. Timothy, b. 9 Aug. 1703; d. 22 Apr. 1706.
3. Israel, b. 13 Dec. 1705; m. (1) Mary Lyon; m. (2) in Aug. 1742 Anna Marshall; In. (3) 7 or 17 Jan. 1762, Elizabeth Hugiord.
4. Mary, b. 16 Apr. 1708; m. Thomas Hoyt of Danbury, Conn.
5. Elizabeth, b. 22 Aug. 1710; m. Ebenezer Picket of Danbury, Conn. 6. Prudence, b. 26 Jan. 1712/13.
ix. REBECCA, b. in Jan. 1675/6; m. 13 Apr. 1704 JONATHAN RENALS.
7. x. JOHN, date of birth unknown.

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Thomas has been memorialized as a founder of Norwalk with 29 other men and Widow Morgan, although Richard is not since this was taken from a list of inhabitants in 1655 just after he died, also note John Ruscoe, related to Richard’s wife and Thomas’ mother Mercy:


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