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94. CAPT. JOSIAH5 SEYMOUR (Richard4, Ebenezer3, Richard2, Richard1), born at Waterbury, Conn., 11 Oct. 1759, died at Watertown, Conn., 20 Dec. 1804 aged 46; married at Watertown, 7 Dec. 1780, DINAH5 DOOLITTLE, born at Waterbury, 2 Apr. 1759, died at Watertown, 22 Jan. 1824 in 65th year, daughter of James4 (Thomas3, Abraham2, Abraham1) and Dinah (Welton). 1)

Dinah Seymour and Samuel Seymour were appointed administrators of the estate of Josiah Seymour late of Watertown, dec'd, 12 Feb. 1805.

Division of above estate made between widow Dinah Seymour; Silas Seymour who is to have as a part of his share about 2 acres lying on the east side of Scotts Mountain undivided with Samuel Seymour; Josiah Seymour; Bela Seymour; Theolisa wife of Russell Dayton; and Wealthy Seymour. Agreement of the heirs signed at Watertown 19 Feb. 1807 by Russel Dayton and wife Eolisa Dayton, Silas Seymour, Josiah Seymour by his guardian Justus Dayton, Wealthy Dayton wife of David, Jr., Bela Seymour by his guardian Dinah Seymour.

The above were the heirs of Dinah Seymour under date of 16 Nov. 1825.

i. HELOISE6, b. 17 Feb. 1783; m. RUSSELL DAYTON.
ii. SILAS, b. 8 Dec. 1785; d. at West Winfield, N.Y., 30 Mar. 1841; was living at Paris, N.Y., in 1807, Clinton, N.Y., in 1810, and Whitestown, N.Y., in 1825; m. HANNAH TOMPKINS, b. 22 Nov. 1788, d. at West Winfield, 18 May 1842. Nine children.
iii. JOSIAH, b. 23 Apr. 1787; d. at Coventry, N.Y., 3 July 1853; was living at Coventry, Chenango County, N.Y., in 1825; m. BEULAH DAYTON, b. 20 Feb. 1788, d. 20 June 1862. Seven children.
iv. WEALTHY, b. 18 Oct. 1788; m. DAVID DAYTON, JR.
v. CHILD, d. 10 Dec. 1790, aged 1.
vi. BELA, b. 8 Sept. 1793; d. at Watertown, Conn., 13 May 1869; m. (1) at Watertown, Oct. 1812, ELEANOR7 WAKEMAN, b. at Greenfield, Conn., 1795, died at Watertown, 18 Aug. 1867, dau. of Eli6 (John5, John4, John3, Samuel2, John1) and Ruhamah (Goodsell); m. (2) MARY –, b. abt. 1807, d. at Watertown, 16 May 1875. Four children.

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My copy of the book (inscribed by Elery D. Clark, Glastonbury, Conn., 19 Mar 1971) has the following hand-written correction included here: ERROR – Dinah, a daughter of James4 and Sarah (Andruss) Doolittle. Dinah Welton, 1st wife of James4 died 10 Sept. 1757.
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