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232. Rev. Truman Seymour

232. REV. TRUMAN7 SEYMOUR (Truman6, Timothy5, Timothy4, John3, John2, Richard1), born at Albany, N.Y., 25 Jan. 1799, died at Troy, N.Y., 15 Nov. 1874; married 15 Nov. 1820, ANN ARMSTRONG, born at Enniskillen, Ireland, 26 Dec. 1799, died at Troy, 9 Dec. 1873, daughter of Adam and Elizabeth (Blair).

He was a carriagemaker by trade, established at Burlington, Vt., until 1829. He became a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Troy Conference, from 1819; stationed at Charlotte, Vt., 1829-30; Monkton Circuit, Vt., 1830-31; Pittsburgh, N.Y., 1831-33; Keeseville, N.Y., 1833-35; Schenectady, 1835-36; Troy, 1836-38; Albany, 1838-40; Presiding Elder, Poultney District, 1840-44; Pittsburgh District, 1844-45; Jonesville, 1845-47; West Troy, 1847-49; Chatham, 1849-50; Amsterdam, 1850-52; Presiding Elder, Albany District, 1852-56, and of Saratoga District, 1856-60; Green Island, 1860-62; Castleton, 1862-64; and Williamstown, Mass., 1864-67. Thereafter, he resided in Troy until his death.

Rev. Mr. Seymour was called the Father of Methodism in the region he served. Converted at seventeen, and a local preacher at the age of twenty, for thirty- seven years he never lost two weeks for any cause from the immediate work of his holy calling. Of his wife, who survived to celebrate her Golden Wedding with him, it was written: “She was evidently designed by the Master for an itinerant Methodist minister's wife in the times that tried men's souls. She was never tired when others were weary. She was never despondent when others needed cheering. She was never ill when those she loved needed nursing. At the Golden Wedding in 1870 her face was as free from wrinkles and the marks of care as when fifty years before she blushed as a bride. Her hands performed some kindly office of affection for her companion only a few hours before they grew cold. Her stormy life came to such a triumphant, peaceful, and beautiful issue, that her son, General Truman Seymour, when requested to wear crape as an emblem of mourning, refused, saying that a rose would best represent his feelings and the occasion.”

i. ANN ELIZA8, b. at Burlington, Vt., 1 Dec. 1822; d. at West Troy, N.Y., 26 Feb. 1860; m. (1) 13 Jan. 1840, JACOB HOCHSTRASSER. b. at Albany, N.Y., 5 May 1802, d. there. 15 Apr. 1845, s. of Paul and Catherine (Snyder) ; m. (2) 11 Nov. 1847, HARRY RAYMOND TAYLOR, b. at Ballston, N.Y., 16 Aug. 1799, d. at Apalachicola, Fla., 15 Jan. 1866, s. of Raymond and Sarah (Riggs). Two children by first husband; one by second.
300. ii. TRUMAN, b. at Burlington, Vt, 25 Sept. 1824.
iii. ROBERT, b. at Burlington, Vt., 1 Aug. 1827; a dentist, of Troy, N.Y.; m. 16 Feb. 1852, MARY ELMINA WATERBURY, b. at Nassau, N.Y., 13 Apr. 1833, dau. of Charles and Naomi (Hoag). Children:
I. Mary Louisa9, b. at Herkimer, N.Y., 17 May 1858.
II. Truman, b. at Troy, 19 Dec. 1860; d. 1 Sept. 1872.
iv. JULIA ZIBIAH, b. at Plattsburgh, N.Y., 26 Sept. 1832; res. (1919) Montclair, N.J.; m. 29 Sept. 1852, GEORGE FRANKLIN GRAY, b. at Granville, N.Y., 12 June 1828, d. at Brooklyn, N.Y., 12 Apr. 1879, s. of Lyman. Six children.
v. MARY, b. at Keeseville, N.Y., 11 June 1835; d. at Albany, N.Y., 17 Aug. 1838.
301. vi. WILLIAM HENRY, b. at Albany, 10 Sept. 1838.
vii. CHARLES AUGUSTUS, b. at West Poultney, Vt., 10 Aug. 1842; m. (1) 3 July 1863, MARY ELIZABETH GOODWIN, b. 25 Sept. 1847, dau. of Jesse and Eveline (Vosburg) ; m. (2) – –. He enlisted as a Private, 12 May 1861, in Co. H, 2d N.Y. Vols.; appointed Corporal, Oct. 1861, and Sergeant, 10 June 1862; on detached service with Gen. Truman Seymour until mustered out, 26 May 1863. Children by first wife:
I. Fanny9, b. at Castleton, N.Y., 16 Aug. 1864.
II. George Gray, b. at Waterford, N.Y., 2 Aug. 1866.

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