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Major Henry Seymour (1764-1846) of Hartford


From the silhouette in the Connecticut Historical Society, drawn from life, 1843, by William Henry Brown (1808-1883). He was the eldest son of Thomas Seymour, First Mayor of Hartford. His son, Thomas Hart Seymour (1808-1868), was the “Hero of Chapultepec,” Governor of Connecticut, 1850-53, and United States Minister to Russia, 1853-57. Thomas Youngs Seymour (1757-1811, Yale Coll. 1777), the “Beau Sabreur of Saratoga,” was his brother, and Mary Juliana Seymour (b. Feb. 6, 1769), so universally admired for her lovely character, high- breeding and remarkable beauty, was his sister. Throughout his long life, Major Henry Seymour was a “first citizen” of Hart-ford, greatly admired and beloved—adorned, as one should say, by every civic and domestic virtue. He was for a time Commander of the Governor's Horse Guards, founded by his brother, Capt. Thomas Youngs Seymour.

When the silhouettist, Brown, was in Hartford in 1843 in connection with the publication of his now sought-for book, “Portraits of Distinguished Americans,” he cut the silhouettes of three or four prominent citizens of Hartford and presented them to the Connecticut Historical Society, among them the above portrait of Major Henry Seymour.

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