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5. Capt. Richard Seymour

5. CAPT. RICHARD2 SEYMOUR (Richard1), of Farmington, Conn., born at Hartford, Conn., died at Farmington prior to 29 Nov. 1710, being killed by the fall of a tree, and was buried on a portion of his own land which was afterwards used as a burial place. He married HANNAH2 WOODRUFF, born about 1648, died at Farmington 16 Sept. 1712, daughter of Matthew1 and Hannah of Farmington.

He was a freeman at Farmington in 1669 and one of the eighty-four proprietors of that town in 1672. His wife appears in a list of church members at Farmington, dated 1 Mar. 1679/80, and Richard became a member of the same church on 31 May 1685. He settled in that part of Farmington called Kensington (now the town of Berlin), and became a leader in the settlement. There the Seymour fort was built, within which were the cabins where the inhabitants sought refuge at night during the Indian alarms, Richard Seymour being the captain of the garrison. The well in front of the fort still remains.

The inventory of his estate, taken 29 Nov. 1710, by Thomas Seymour, Thomas Hart, and Thomas Curtis, showed property valued at £416. 13s. 3d. Administration on the estate was granted 4 Dec. 1710, to Hannah Seymour, the widow, and to Samuel Seymour, a son of the deceased. An agreement was made 1 Jan. 1710/11, between Hannah Seymour, the widow, sons Samuel, Jonathan, and Ebenezer Seymour, daughter Mercy Seymour, and Joseph Pomeroy in behalf of his wife Hannah, another daughter of the deceased. After the death of Hannah, the widow, a division of her estate was made 7 Nov. 1712, and was signed by Samuel Seymour, Ebenezer Seymour, Jonathan Seymour, Joseph Pomeroy, and George Hubbard.

An Inventory of the Estate of Richard Seamer late of Farmington deceased, taken by us the Subscribers November 29th 1710.

Imprs. the half of the homestead vizt the South part with the buildings upon it 64:00:00
the north part of the homested, and the house partly finished 60:00:01
the Pasture on the west side of Mrs. Gilberts Farme 80:00:00
the Land lying on the East Side of Mrs Gilberts Farme. vizt. near the Highway 36:00:00
the lott Called the Batchelors lot 5 £ a yoake of oxen with their keeping 7 £ 12:00:00
3 Cows with their Keeping 9 £ 2, 2 yearolds & Keeping 5 £ 14:00:00
4 yearlings with their Keeping 5 £ 13s 13 Sheep with Keeping 3 £ 5s 08:18:00
an old mare & Colt with Keeping 1 £ 5s – 2 fatt Swine 2 £ part of a bush Salt 4s 03:09:00
a Kersey Coat 1 £ 7s a hatt 7s a carsey westcoat 15s a pr breeches & other apparrell 2£ 4s 6d 04:13:06
a large bed & bedstead, 4 Coverlids, 2 pillows, a bolster, 2 good Sheets & Curtains 10:00:00
a good bed, and bedstead, 3 Coverlids 2, Sheets, 3 pillows & Curtains 11:00:00
5 Sheets 2 £:2s – 4 Cushions 16s 3 pillow bears 4s:6d 03:02:06
8 napkins 14s:4d a table Cloth 2s:6d a blankett 18s a pillion 8s Cloth 6s a Saddle 1£:6:6 03:15:04
2 Cow-bells 3s 4 forks & a rake 8s an auger 1s: 6d a pr Iron fetters 2s:6d a Corn fan 10s 01:05:00
2 bedsteads & Some beding 2 £ a barrell of Tobacco 12s 02:12:00
Some hops 2s 2 board Chests 8s a wrought Chest 1 £:6s 01:16:00
4 guns 4 £. a gridiron 4s. a frying pan 5s:6d & Stilliards 18s 05:07:06
2 Cob-irons 18s tongs & fire Slice 8s. 2 hamers 6s a hetchell 12s 02:00:00
a hammer & gimlett 3s. a gouge 1s:8d. 2 Chiswells 3s branding Iron 3s 00:10:08
a pr Shears 10d box & Irons 6d Chopping knife 10d 00:07:08
a brass Kettle 3 £ 2 dito 1 £: 10s. a brass Skillett 9s 04:19:00
a brass Kettle 10s Iron pot & hooks 10s 01:00:00
Pewter 1 £:13s:6d. 4 pewter pots 10s 2 pails 2s a glass bottle 6d 02:06:00
2 earthen basons and 2 plates, and other Small pots 3s:6d a funnell 1s 00:04:06
5 wooden bowls 5s 8 Chairs 10s 3 Spining wheels 10s 01:05:00
a warming pan 6s part of a Churn 1s. 2 wooden bottles 2s 6d 00:07:06
a parcell of Books 14s 4 axes 18s a Crow 2s auger 2s:6d a Squaw 2s 01:18:06
a Shave 3s:6d 5 hows 5s a hook 1s a Chain 13s old Cart, wheels, boxes, hoops, pins washer 2£:8s 03:10:06
3 pins for a Cart 3s 2 pr horse Chains 1 £ Staple & ring 1s:3d 2 pr hames & hooks 3s 01:07:03
a plow & Irons 15s 3 old Sythes & tackling 4s a Saw 4s a table 2s 21 harowteeth 13s 01:18:00
The Addition £398:13:05
A Division of land lying against Hartford 05:00:00
a division of land lying on the East Side the mountain 02:14:00
a division of land lying on the West Side of the River against Symsbury 00:10:00
a Division of Land against Mr Howkins's nod 00:10:00
Severall Divisions of Land lying Westward of the Town 05:00:00
a mare 1 £:5s a parcell of Indian Com 1 £:5s a lot in a place called the Island 1£:16s 04:06:00
The Totall is 416:13:03

Thomas Seamer Tho. Hart Thomas Curtis –

A true copy of record


Frank M. Mather


[As a collector of early New England furniture “all my life,” as I might say, specializing in seventeenth-century New England oak pieces, I cannot fail to note in the foregoing inventory of Captain Richard a “wrought Chest,” valued at £1-6. This was undoubtedly a carved oak chest of the type so much sought for to-day by all collectors of early New England furniture. The word “wrought” in characterizing it points definitely to its type. Probably it had carved front panels.

Captain Richard's inventory also itemizes “a parcell of books” valued at 14s. It may be that some of that “parcell of books” had belonged to his father. The inventory also lists “a Squaw” valued at 2s. From the context in which this item occurs I conclude it was a carpenter's tool of some sort. – G.D.S.]

Children, born at Farmington:
i. HANNAH3, m. (1) 29 Nov. 1692, CAPT. JOSEPH3 POMEROY of Northampton, Mass., b. at Northampton 26 June 1672, d. at Suffield, Mass. (now Suffield, Conn.), 16 Dec. 1712, s. of Dea. Medad2 (Eltweed1) and Experience (Woodward); m. (2) at Suffield, 28 Oct. 1713, JOSIAH HALE of Suffield.
Children by first husband:
1. Hannah, b. 9 June 1694; d. 19 Aug. 1694.
2. Medad, b. 18 July 1695; m. 12 Feb. 1718, Hannah Trumbull.
3. Eliakim, b. 4 Nov. 1697; d. 10 Nov. 1711.
4. Hannah, b. 12 Apr. 1700; m. 6 Nov. 1722, Samuel Granger.
5. Joseph, b. 15 July 1702; m. 10 July 1727, Thankful Burbank.
6. Benjamin, B.A. (Yale, 1733), b. 19 Nov. 1704; m. 23 Oct. 1734, Abigail Wheelock.
7. Nathaniel, b.23 Jan. 1706; m. 20 July 1733, Susanna Seymour (8, vii), q.v., dau. of John3 and Elizabeth (Webster).
8. Noah, b. 20 Oct. 1709; m.26 Apr. 1732, Abigail Remington.
9. Eliakim, b. 10 Nov. 1711.
11. ii. SAMUEL.
iii. MERCY. b. 6 Jan. 1682/3.1) and bapt. 14 Jan. 1682/3; d. 8 Feb. 1730/1; m. in Feb. 1710/11, GEORGE3 HUBBARD (Samuel2, George1), b. 29 Dec. 1680, d. at Farmington 19 Sept. 1751, who m. (2) Sarah –. He was appointed Lieut. of the Train Band in the parish of Kensington in Middletown, May 1732.
1. Abigail, b. 16 Jan. 1711/12; m. Henry Johnson.
2. Richard, b. 5 Sept. 1713; m. (1) 22 Jan. 1736, Elizabeth Lee; m. (2) 28 Apr. 1748, Sarah Beckley.
3. Mercy, b. 25 June 1715; m. Daniel Smith.
4. George (twin), b. 12 July 1717; m. Lydia –.
5. Gideon (twin), b. 12 July 1717; d. 28 July 1717.
6. Thankful, b. 23 July 1719; m. 2 Mar. 1737, Joseph Smith, Jr.
12. iv. EBENEZER, bapt. 1 Feb. 1684/5.
13 v. JONATHAN, bapt. 17 Apr. 1687.

“He was so feeble that he remembreth [nothing after coming down the last mountain by sight, and memory and strength in a manner] gone; – but God who leadeth the blind in a way that they know not, directed him to John Norton, Jun., who was thrashing in his barn, who took him in and put him to bed, – called friends about him, who were diligent in the use of means for his recovery, after some time spent betwixt hope and fear, as not knowing whether he would die or live; – He lying in a sad manner, grating his teeth [and round in his hand that pleased God he exhibited and came to rights again.]

“The day in which this fell out was January 6, 1682, – a snowy Saturday, – especially the latter part of it. Had the man not been directed home, in likelihood he had perished in the wilderness, and perhaps have been so far covered with snow as not to have been found 'till wild fowls or beasts had preyed on him.” (Church Records of Farmington, in REGISTER, vol. 12, pp. 38, 147.)

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“On the same day that his child was born, the father, viz.: Richard Seymour, went early into the woods to look for horses, 5, 6 or 7 miles off; found and followed one homeward: – but like to have perished ere he reached home.
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