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Note: Where I could find a copy of these books online, I have included a link to either the book or (where possible) the specific page(s) referenced. If you find links to any material I am missing, please contact me! –jds

The titles which follow by no means cover all that has appeared in print concerning the American Seymours, but those regarded as the most important have been selected. One of the chief reasons for presenting the list is to assure the reader that the author and editor have not neglected previous accounts, and that where their account or conclusions differ from some of those hitherto put forward, such differences are not attributable to ignorance of the assertions made by other writers.

  1. Mary K. Talcott: Genealogy of the descendants of Thomas Seymour of Hartford, Conn., 1705-1767. In New York Genealogical and Biographical Record (1880), vol. 11, pp. 116-120.
  2. George R. Howell: Seymour pedigree. Chart, Albany, N.Y. (1880). 12 x 17 inches.
  3. Seymour Morris: Ephraim and Pamela (Converse) Morris, their Ancestors and Descendants (1894), pp. 147-154, 180. “The Seymour Family,” 12 pp., reprinted Chicago (1900).
  4. Mrs. Maria Pinney: Richard Seymor, Hartford, 1640. New Haven (1903), 34 pp,
  5. Frank Allaben: Arms and Pedigree of Seymour of Payson, Illinois. New York (1906).
  6. Morris Woodruff Seymour: Richard Seymour of Hartford. In The Connecticut Magazine (1906), vol. 10, pp. 156-160. Reprinted, 7 pp., Hartford (1906).
  7. The Royal and Noble Ancestry of the American Seymours. In The Journal of American History (1911), vol. 5, pp. 583-598.
  8. Morris Woodruff Seymour: A Record of the Seymour Family in the Revolution. Litchfield, Conn. (1912), 40 pp.
  9. George Dudley Seymour: The English Home and Ancestry of Richard Seamer or Semer, of Hartford, Conn. In The New England Historical and Genealogical Register (1917), vol. 71, pp. 105-115. Reprinted Boston (1917), 12 pp.
  10. Seymour Morris: Richard Seymour of Hartford and Norwalk, Conn., and some of his Descendants. In The New England Historical and Genealogical Register (1918-19), vol. 72, pp. 209-223, 312-320, and vol. 73, pp. 6-18.
  11. Alexander J. Wall: A Sketch of the Life of Horatio Seymour, 1810-1886 (with genealogy). New York (1929),111 pp.
  12. Stewart Mitchell: Horatio Seymour of New York. Cambridge (1938), 594 pp,
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