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Mary Eliza (Chenevard) Comstock


Born June 2, 1799; daughter of Mary Juliana Seymour and Capt. John Chenevard, Jr.; married May 19, 1817, Dr. John Lee Comstock (1789-1859). of Hartford, a well-known writer of popular textbooks. From an old portrait in the possession of her granddaughter, Mrs. H. I. Dyer, of Elmwood, Conn, (name of the artist and date of the portrait unknown). The canvas was reconditioned in 1935 by Mr. Ralph W. Thomas for the author.

A charmingly written and sympathetic letter, giving an account of the last days of her grandfather, the First Mayor, appears on pages 160-161. She was very much interested in the history of the Seymour and Ledyard families. Her last years appear to have been spent with a daughter at Painesville, Ohio.

(<-- Captain John Chenevard, Jr. (1770-1808)) (Back to Start) (Mary Eliza (Chenevard) Comstock -->)

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