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3. John Seymour

3. JOHN2 SEYMOUR (Richard1), of Hartford, Conn., born probably at Hartford, died there between 10 Dec. 1712 and 3 Aug. 1713. He married MARY2 WATSON, who was living 10 Dec. 1712, daughter of John1 and Margaret (Smith) of Hartford.

He was made a freeman in 1667, and was an active and influential man. In 1670 he and his wife owned the covenant at the Second Church in Hartford, and on 31 Mar. 1678 they were admitted to full communion.

The Last Will and Testament of John Seamore, Senr late of Hartford decd- In the Name of GOD, Amen, I John Seamore, Senr of Hartford, in the County of Hartford, in the Colony of Connecticut in New England, being of sound mind and memory, Yet not knowing how it shall please God to deal with me, having the symtomes of mortality upon me, I account it my duty to Settle the outward good things that God in his goodness hath bestowed upon me, and Do therefore make this my Last Will and Testament, revoking and disannulling all Former and other Wills whatsoever - I Committ my Soul into the hands of God who gave it me, hoping through the merits of my onely Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ to receive the pardon of my Sins, and by his power to have a Glorious Resurrection at the great day. -

I Leave my Body to a decent burial, at the discretion of my Executors, hereby named.-My Just Debts being paid, I give and bequeath as followeth: Impr I give and bequeath unto my beloved Wife Mary Seamor, one third part of my moveable Estate to be to her dispose forever, and the rest of my moveable Estate I give her the Improvement of with my Dwelling House, Barn, Orchard, with three acres of Land at home, and also the Incomes in rents of one half part of the rest of my lands, to be paid to her by my Sons, according to the Quantity of Land, I shall give unto them, during her Naturall Life: - (It. I giue and Bequeath unto my son John Seamore, Twelve acres of Land, (with the Dwelling House thereon) Lying South of Robert Webster's Land,) Also I give him all that Land Lying on the North side of my Lott, on the East side of Farmington Road, that shall Remain when five acres shall be measured off. the East end, across the said Lott, and three acres measured off the South Side of my said Lott, also I give unto him all that my Lott of Land, Lying on this Side Four-Mile Hill Called the Seventeen acre Lott. Also I give unto him one third part of my two fifty acre Lotts, lying together in Wethersfield next Hartford bounds, after that Ten acres shall be measured off the North East Corner of my Said Lott, Which Parcells of Land I give unto my said Son John Seamore, To be to him his heirs and Assigns forever. It. - I give and bequeath to my Son Thomas Seamore, all that Land lying on the West Side of Farmington Road,-being South of that Land given to my Son John Seamore, with the Dwelling and Barn that are thereon. To extend from the Highway West to the Gutter at the Clay Lotts. Also I give him Ten acres of Land Lying in the North East corner of my two fifty acre Lotts in Wethersfield to Extend from the East end of the Lott so farr West as the Highway running South from Farmington road to the said Lott. Also I give him one third part of the Remainder of my said two fifty acre Lotts, all which parcells of Land I give to my said Son Thomas Seamore to be to him, his heirs and Assigns forever. It. I give and bequeath to my son Richard Seamore, the Land where he now dwelleth, with the buildings that are thereon. (Also I give unto him five acres of Land lying at the East end of my Lott, on the East Side of Farmington Road, which parcells of Land I give my Said Son Richard Seamore to be to him, his heirs and Assigns forever. Also I give unto [sic] Twenty pounds in money to be paid in Equall proportion by my three Sons, John, Thomas, and Zachariah Seamore, also I give him a good Cow. It. I give and bequeath to my Son Zachariah Seamore three acres of Land on the South Side of my Lott Lying on the East Side of Farmington Road to Extend East to the Land given to my Son Richard, and to be in weadth next the Highway one rod north of the Barn with my Dwelling House, barn and other buildings that are thereon, after my wife's decease. Also I give him all that my Lott of Land called the mountain Lott Lying in Wethersfield field. Also I do desire that my son. Thomas would Exchange Land with my Son Zachariah, That he may have a convenient passage to the Said Mountain Lott. Also I give him my clay Lott, to Extend from the Gutter West to the Common. Also I give him one-third part of my two fifty acre Lotts, Lying together in Wethersfield field, when Ten acres shall be measured off at the North East Corner of said Lott, which parcells of Land I give to my Said Son Zachariah Seamore to be to him his heirs and Assigns forever. And it is my will that my Son Zachariah Seamore Shall pay to my two daughters Twenty pounds a piece in pay. And that he Quitt my Estate of Charges for what he hath done to my barn; - I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary North, besides what I have already Given her, and hath Received, the Sum of Thirty pounds in pay. Twenty pounds whereof to be paid by Son Zachariah, the Remainder of said Sum to be paid out of my moveable Estate after my wives decease by my Executors hereafter named, to be to her and her heirs and Assigns forever - It. I give and bequeath unto my daughter Margaret Root the Sum of Thirty pounds in pay Twenty pounds whereof to be paid by my Son Zachariah Seamore, the Remainder to be paid out of my moveable Estate, after my wives decease by my Executors hereafter named, to be to her and her heirs and Assigns forever.

It is my Will That what moveable Estate that shall be Left after my Debts and Legacies to my two daughters are paid. That then (after my wives decease) the said moveable Estate shall be equally divided to my four Sons, John, Thomas, Richard and Zachariah Seamore. And I do hereby Constitute and appoint my loving Wife Mary Seamore and my Loving friends Mr. Ichabod Wells and Mr. Thomas Hosmer to be Executors of this my Last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto Sett my hand and Seal the 10th day of December Anno Dom 1712

John Seamor-a seal

Signed, Sealed and declared in the presence of Hez. Wyllys, Mary Macky, Sarah Harris, her Mark.

Inventory of John Seymour, son of Richard, the Settler.1)

Inventory of The Estate of Mr. John Seamor Late of Hartford deceased is as followeth viz-

In Money 14-04-00
To 2 White wastcoats 00-16-00
To a Drugitt Coat 01-12-00
To a Gray Coat 18s: a Wastcoat 20s 01-18-00
To a Great Coat 14s: an old Cloak 13s 01-07-00
To 1 old Coat waste coat & 2 pr briches 00-12-06
To 1 pr new stockens 4s: old stocken 4s 00-08-00
To 2 pr Glous 4s: a pr mittens 6d 00-04-06
To 2 Muslin neckcloaths 00-06-00
To 3 silk hankercheifs 00-04-06
To 2 Shirts 10s: 2 hats 20s 01-10-00
To old leather briches & wastcoat 00-07-00
[ ] Mittens & shoes 00-08-00
To Womens Aparrall in all 08-00-00
To a bed and furniture 07-10-00
In The To a Trunill bed and furniture 02-08-00
paylor To a great Chest 16s to a Cubbud 9s 01-05-00
To a bundle of new cloath & Tape 00-09-00
To a Chest 4s to 5 yds new cloath 10s 00-14-00
To 4 pr sheets 56s to 2 pr Ditto 14s 03-10-00
To table Linen 28s: to 11 Towels 8s 01-16-00
To 3 pillow beers 2s 00-02-00
To 2 pillows & pillion cloaths 00-18-00
To 2 Chairs and Cushons 00-05-06
In the To a bed. bedstead & blankitts 03-06-00
paylor To nails 4L: 14s. To 2 Chests 10s 05-04-00
To 4 meal Casks 8s to old baralls 2s 00-10-00
Hall chabr. To 12 Bushll of Indian Corn 01-16-00
To 14 Bushll Wheat at 5s p Bushll 03-10-00
To Meal 5s To 20lb hops 13s 00-18-00
To Cheas 14s to 45lb flax 26s 02-00-00
To toe yam & linen 4s to 2 old Cask 2s: 6d 00-06-06
To 13 Bushll barly malt 3s pr Bushll 01-19-00
To 5 behives 4s to Sundry harrells 23s 01-07-00
In the hall To 1 Iron port 14: 7d to a Nichell 13s 01-07-07
To 2 Muskitts 20s to a brass Kittle 40s 03-00-00
To an old Kittle and warming pan 01-02-00
To a bell mettle Skillitt 6s an Iron pot 6s 00-12-00
To 1 frying pan 7s to Slice & Tongs 10s 00-17-00
To 1 Tramel 5s: to a box Jron & heatr 9s 00-14-00
To pr andirons 2s: to a Great table 16s 00-18-00
To new peuter 46s to old peuter 21s 03-07-00
To 1 qt pott a baker Tunnill & Spoons 00-09-00
To 4 milk bowls 4s: to 3 knob dishes 6s 00-10-00
To 1 doz Iron chrs 8d, to a milk Keler 2s 00-O2-O8
To 2 pails 2s to 2 Chease moals 2s 00-04-00
To Earthen ware 8s to 2 Glass bottles ls 00-09-00
To Knifes l8d to money scales 6s 00-07-06
To a peice of leather and straps 00-02-00
To a Table cloath & napkin 00-02-00
To a table and form 4s to 7 Chaprs [So] 8s 00-12-00
To a hansaw 6s: to broad ax 4s 00-10-00
To 3 Stubbing hoes 8s to 1 old broad ax 18d 00-09-06
To 1 ax 3s to a betle & wedges 7s 00-10-00
To a Clave & pin 4s: 6d to 2 Sikles 2s 00-06-06
To 1 old Spade 18d to 3 old forks 3s 00-04-06
To old Sives 2s to 1 hamer & Shave 2s: 6d 00-04-06
To 2 branding Jrons 18d to 2 gimletts 6d 00-02-00
To a Syth 18d to a hinge & hook 3s 00-04-06
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To pr pinchers 2s to old Jron 2s: 6d 00-04-06
To basket with Small Things it [So] 00-01-04
To a pr Stilyard 6s To a Great bible l0s 00-16-00
To Sundry Books 6s to old Cook & Chese press 12s 00-18-00
To hogs fat 12s to Sope 10s 01-02-00
To a plow and Jrons all that belong to it 00-14-00
To a bridle 3s: 6d a pr of old Trace & bames 8s 00-11-06
To l old Sadle 4s: Side Sadle 1s Mashngtub 8s 00-13-00
To a Tub & tunill 4s old Jron 2s: to 3 old bags 18d 00-07-06
To an old Cart Rope 18d To 13 old Jron 8s: 8d 00-10-02
To a set of hoops & boxes for Cart wheels 00-18-00
To a timbr Chaine 22s to a plow Chaine 5s 01-07-00
To 2 Shovell 6s to bees & hives in ye beehouse 40s 02-06-00
To Bacon 6s to pork 8bl 14: 4 09-00-04
To 1000 foot of pine boards 01-10-00
To 300 foot of ditto 8s: to Shingles 12s 01-00-00
To a prcell of new timbr & other timbr 01-00-00
To 300 Claboards 12s To a pide horse 6lb 06-12-00
To a yoak of oxen 8lb 10s: to a brindle Calf 20s 09-10-00
To 3 larg Cowes 9lb: to 2 small Cowes 5lb 14-00-00
To 2 heifers 4lb 10s: to 2 2 year old steers 4lb 10s 09-00-00
To 1 ox at John Norths 5lb 5s to 2 Calves 24s 06-09-00
To the black mare 4lb: a sorild horse 3lb 07-00-00
To bay horse 4lb: 10s: to a 2 year old Colt 45s 06-15-00
To a mare and Colt 30s 01-10-00
To the house John lives in & 12 acres Land 160-00-00
To the house Tho did live in & 2 acres land 190-00-00
To the house and barn & 17 acres land on 210-00-00
The East Side farmington Road
The mountaine Lott 063-00-00
The Clay Lott 5 acres 20-00-00
To 100 acres of Land att four mile hill 200-00-00
To 17 acres of Land This side four mile hill 043-00-00
To house Richard lives in & ye homelott 100-00-00
Total is 1158-11-01
Taken by us James Ensign
Tho Richards

[John Seymour's inventory shows an abundance of worldly goods and must measurably reflect the character of his establishment. It is gratifying to learn from it that sartorially he was so well provided for, including “2 White wastcoats.” As a collector, the author would like to have inherited his “great Chest” and his “Cubburd.” Their valuations indicate that they were not important pieces. He had a “Great bible,” “Sundry Books,” “bees & hives in a beehouse.” His “pide horse” at £6 must, at that valuation, have been a good animal. His “sorild horse” is only valued at £3. The “black mare” was valued at £4; the “bay horse” at £4; the “mare and colt” at £0-30-0. There was, apparently, an abundant supply of linen in the house, but no silver is listed, and the lack may be due to the daughters having been “portioned” in part in silver. John Seymour seems to have “done himself” remarkably well, since his patrimony was but £40, while his estate inventoried £ 1158-11-01. - G. D. S.]

Children, born at Hartford:
8. i. JOHN3, b.12 June 1666.
9. ii. THOMAS, b. 12 Mar. 1668/9.
iii. MARY, b. in Nov. (bapt. 20 Nov.) 1670; d. 2 Mar. 1732/3; m. 25 Apr. 1700, JOHN NORTH, b. abt. 1669, s. of Samuel and Hannah (Norton) North. His first wife was Mary Warner, who d. 1 Mar. 1694/5. and he m. (3) 20 Mar. 1733/4, Abigail (-) (Phelps) Judd.
1. Margaret, b. 26 Jan. 1700/1; perhaps m. 29 May 1735, Joseph Woodruff.
2. Ruth, b. 14 Oct. 1702; m. 2 Jan. 1728/9, Isaac Cowles, Jr.
3. Jonathan, b. 8 Apr. 1704.
4. Josiah, b. 11 Feb. 1705/6; d. 6 May l784; m.22 Nov. 1726, Temperance Baldwin.
5. Samuel, b. 21 July 1708; d. Dec. 1796; m. 5 Apr. 1737, Lois Porter.
6. Eunice, b. 17 Dec. 1710. 7. John, bapt. 4 May 1712; d. 16 Jan. 1732/3
iv. ZACHARY, bapt. 22 Dec. 1672; d. young.
v. MARGARET, b. 17 Jan. 1674/5; d. 9 Sept. 1751; m. (1) 20 Mar. 1706/7, TIMOTHY3 ROOT, b. abt. 1681, d. at Cape Breton in 1713, s. of Stephen2 (John1) and Sarah (Wadsworth); m. (2) 22 Jan. 1718/19, JOHN REW of Farmington, Conn.
Children by first husband:
1. Joanathan, b. 20 Dec. 1707; d. 17 Aug. 1794; m. (1) Ruth —; m. (2) Esther Wadsworth; m. (3) 30 June 1784, Susanna Day.
2. Stephen, b. 18 Mar. 1711/12; d. 5 Sept. 1752; m. 19 Jan. 1740/1, Sarah Hart.
3. Timothy, b. in 1713; d. at Cape Breton, 24 Apr. 1746; m. 6 Dec. 1739, Mary Hart.
vi. RICHARD, b. 11 Feb. 1676/7; d. at Canaan, Conn., between 1747 and 1753; In. at Hartford, 30 Oct. 1707, MARY3 WILSON, bapt. 25 Mar. 1688, living a widow at Canaan in 1753, dau. of Dea. John2 (Robert1) and Lydia (Cole). He was chosen Constable of Hartford, 1711, and held the office until 1717; Selectman, 1721, 1728, and 1734; Swine Inspector, 1722; and Inspector of Wood, 1734-1736. Richard, with his kinsmen, Thomas and Zachariah, were members of an association called the New London Society united for Trade and Commerce, a joint stock company organized in 1732 for trading with the West Indies. About 1738 he removed to Canaan, where he built the iron-works; he was also one of the proprietors of the Town of Salisbury. On 25 Sept. 1740 he was made Lieutenant of the military company of Canaan. His widow may have been the Widow Seymour who was buried in the Center Church Burying Ground at Hartford, 31 Jan. 1766, being interred at the expense of Thomas Seymour, Esq.2) No record of any children has been found.
vii. JONATHAN, b. 10 Jan. 1678/9; d. young.
viii. NATHANIEL, b. 6 Nov. 1680; d. young.
10. ix. ZACHARIAH, b. 10 Jan. 1684/5.

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Copied from the original paper on file in 1911 by James Allen Kibbe of Warehouse Point, Conn.
The Connecticut Quarterly, vol. 4, p. 264.
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