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130. Col. Timothy Seymour

130. COL. TIMOTHy6 SEYMOUR (Timothy5, Timothy4, John3, John2, Richard1), baptized 7 May 1749, died at West Hartford, Conn., 6 Apr. 1812 aged 63; married (published 5 July 1772) at West Hartford, Conn., ABIGAIL SKINNER, born at West Hartford, about 1751, died there 27 May 1819 aged 68, daughter of Timothy and Ruth (Colton).

He was Lieut.-Colonel of the Regiment of Militia in Hartford County.

Administration on his estate was granted to Moses Goodman and Chester Seymour of Hartford, 20 May 1812; insolvent. Inventory taken by Jedediah Mills and Moses Goodman, Jr.; amount, $211.18.

i. ABIGAIL7, bapt. 7 Nov. 1773; d. at West Hartford, 7 Aug. 1824 ae, 51; m. at West Hartford, 24 Dec. 1795, THOMAS5 GOODMAN, bapt. at West Hartford, 2 Aug. 1772, d. there 10 July 1800 ae. 29, s. of Thomas4 (Timothy3, Richard2, Richard1) and Sarah (Seymour); no issue.
ii. MABEL, b. 2 July 1776; d. at Amherst, Mass., 22 Sept. 1835; m. at West Hartford, 7 Sept. 1798, NATHAN6 PERKINS, JR., b. at West Hartford, 26 Aug. 1776, d. at Amherst, Mass., 28 Mar. 1842, s. of Rev. Nathan5 (Matthew4, Joseph3, Jacob2, John1) and Catherine (Pitkin). He was graduated from Yale College, 1796, and was pastor of the Second Church at Amherst, Mass., 1810-1842. Three children.
iii. TIMOTHY WIU-IAM, b. 8 Aug. 1779; d. at Ogdensburg, N.Y., 2 Apr. 1810 ae. 30 (gravestone), unm.
iv. HARRIET, b. 2 Nov. 1781; d. at Auburn, N.Y., 15 Aug. 1867; m. 27 Sept. 1809, HENRY BROWN, b. at Stockbridge, Mass., 3 June 1773, d. at Brownhelm, Ohio, 10 Dec. 1843. Eight children.
225. v. HENRY RODERICK, b. 3 Apr. 1784.
226. vi. ORSON, b. 18 Feb. i786.
227. vii. CHESTER, b. 29 Apr. 1788.
viii. JAMES SKINNER, b. 15 Apr. 1791; d. unm., 3 Dec. 1875. He was several years a clerk in the Hartford Bank; cashier of the Bank of Auburn, N.Y., Aug. 1817; president.Ijune 1849; president of the National Bank of Auburn since its organization; president of the Board of Trustees of the Asylum for Destitute Children, Cayuga County; member of the Board of Trustees of U.S. Trust Co. of New York.

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