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174. Maj. Henry Seymour

174. MAJ. HENRY6SEYMOUR (Thomas5, Thomas4, Thomas3, John2, Richard1), born at Hartford, Conn., 25 Dec. 1764, died there 13 May 1846; married at Hartford, 19 June 1804, JANE5ELLERY, born 24 Apr. 1766, died at Hartford, 12 Oct. 1851, daughter of Capt. William4 (John3, John2, William1) and Susanna (Keith).

Like his brother, he was Major of the Governor’s Horse Guards, holding the office from 1803 until 1807.

In 1780 he went to Philadelphia to enter upon a mercantile career, and the Messrs. Sands who employed him being contractors of supplies for the American Army, he was chosen to carry money to Fishkill and to bring back vouchers for monthly supplies. During this service, he narrowly escaped capture by British dragoons and “cow-boys,” as those were called who raided the cattle of the Americans. He was living in New York in 1784, but afterwards returned to Hartford.

For many years he was treasurer of the Second Church. Throughout his long life he was a “first citizen” of Hartford, greatly admired and beloved. A silhouette of him by the noted William Henry Brown (1808-1883) is reproduced in this volume.

Children, born at Hartford.
i. MARY ELLERY7 b. 25 Sept. 1805; d. at Hartford, 6 Apr. 1887, unm.
263. ii. THOMAS HART, b. 29 Sept. 1807.
264. iii. WILLIAM ELLERY, b. 10 Mar. 1810.

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