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198. Gurdon Isaac Seymour

198. GURDON ISAAC7 SEYMOUR (Isaac6, Isaac5, John4, John3, John2, Richard1), born at Hartford, Conn., 8 July 1775 (or 1773), died at Savannah, Ga., 18 Sept. 1814; married CATHERINE COSTIGAN, born about 1781, died at New Haven, Conn., 12 Apr. 1833 aged 52.

A tombstone in Savannah bears the following inscription:

Entombed Beneath This Stone
are the remains of
Native of Hartford, Conn.
Born on the 8 of July 17751)
Died on the 18th. of September 1814
After a Residence in this City of
20 years with undiminished reputation
Age 41 years 2 months and 10 days
Also of
the infant son of Gurdon & Catherine Seymour
Who died on the 28 of May 1808
Age 13 months and 11 days
i. GURDON8, b. 17 Apr. 1807; d. 28 May 1808.
ii. ISAAC GURDON, killed near Richmond, Va., 3 July 1862; m. CAROLINE WHITLOCK, who d. in 1860. He was graduated from Yale College, 1825, and for a time was president of a bank at Macon, Ga., afterwards removing to New Orleans. He was Colonel of a Confederate Regiment in the Civil War. A daughter died in 1858, and a son was a prisoner at Fort Jackson during the Civil War.
iii. CATHERINE FRANCES, b. at Savannah, Ga., 6 Jan. 1813; d. at Buffalo, N.Y., 6 July 1866; m. at New Haven, Conn., 14 Sept. 1836, REV. EDWARD INGERSOLL, D.D., b. at New Haven, Conn., 26 Nov. 1810, d. at Buffalo, N.Y., 6 Feb. 1883, s. of Judge Jonathan and Grace (Isaacs). Nine children. See below.

REV. EDWARD INGERSOLL (1810-1883), husband of CATHERINE FRANCES SEYMOUR (1813-1866), was a native of New Haven, Conn. His father, Hon. Jonathan Ingersoll (1747-1823), B.A. (Yale, 1766), LL.D. (1816), son of Rev. Jonathan Ingersoll (1713-1778), of Ridgefield, Conn., and nephew of Jared Ingersoll, Esq. (1722-1781), the noted New Haven attorney, himself became a lawyer and had a distinguished career, as a member of both Houses of the Connecticut General Assembly, Judge of the Superior Court, and Lieut.-Governor of Connecticut. His mother, Grace Isaacs, was daughter of the wealthy merchant, Ralph Isaacs, Esq. He was brother of Ralph Isaacs Ingersoll (1789-1872), B.A. (Yale, 1808), Member of Congress (1825-33), State's Attorney for Connecticut, and Minister to Russia, and uncle of Charles Roberts Ingersoll (1822-1903), B.A. (Yale, 1846), LL.D. (1874), Governor of Connecticut (1873-77).

Mr. Ingersoll was graduated from Yale in 1831, and received the degree of D.D. from Hobart in 1856; Priest in Protestant Episcopal Church, Rector of Trinity Church, Buffalo, 1844-74; of St. Peter's, Niagara Falls, 1874-78; and Chaplain of the Church Home, Buffalo, which made him rector emeritus, from 1878 until his death.

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1773? This interesting stone was copied by my friend, the late William Scranton Pardee of New Haven.
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