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221. Sedgwick Seymour

221. SEDGWICK7 SEYMOUR (Chauncey6, Uriah5, John4, John3, John2, Richard1), born at New Hartford, Conn., 20 Sept. 1808, died there 30 Nov. 1859; married 6 Sept. 1831, MARY ANN CASE, born at Canton, Conn., 27 Nov. 1812, died 4 Feb. 1895, daughter of Dudley and Lina (Barbour).

Will of Sedgwick Seymour dated 24 July 1858, proved 28 Dec. 1859, names son Hudson M., wife Mary Ann, and daughter Mary S. wife of Hezekiah H. Stone.

i. ALBERT G.8, b. abt. 1833; d. 29 Aug. 1856 ae. 23.
ii. MARY SEDGWICK, b. 6 Oct. 1834; d. at Norwich, Conn., July 1936; m. 1 Jan. 1854, HEZEKIAH HEALY STONE, b. at Dudley, Mass., 23 Dec. 1827, d. 21 Nov. 1889, s. of Reuben and Hannah (Davis). Resided at New Hartford, Conn.; a representative to the State Legislature. See below.
iii. JAMES, b. 10 Sept. 1836; d. 24 Sept. 1837.
iv. JOHN W., b. abt. 1839; d. 2 Aug. 1857 ae. 18.
v. HUDSON M., b.6 Aug. 1842; m. (1) MARIA–; m. (2) July 1878, ANNA DEW, dau. of George of England. Child by first wife:
I. Jennie9, b. abt, Mar. 1867; d. 7 July 1873 ae. 6 yrs, 4 mos.
Children by second wife:
II. Martha.
III. Julius.

MARY SEDGWICK8 (SEYMOUR) STONE (1834-1936) celebrated her hundredth birthday at New Hartford, Conn., 6 Oct. 1934. She had lived there her entire life, and the voters at town meeting passed resolutions felicitating Mrs. Stone. Not long before, the Young People's Society of the North Congregational Church in New Hartford made her an honorary member, a tribute to her interest in the activities of young people.

Born during the presidency of Andrew Jackson, Mrs. Stone was educated in private schools, having attended Miss Gaylord's School in New Britain and Rev. Mr. Holley's institution in West Winsted, In her advanced years, she retained interest in current events, digesting the newspapers and reading two or more books a week. Always a student of politics, she voted regularly from the time the franchise was granted to women.

On Friday, 5 Oct. 1934, the eve of her l00th anniversary, The Hartford Times printed an account of Mrs. Stone, from which we quote: “Small in stature, with white hair and a pleasantly wrinkled, kindly face, she seems to have the energy and keenness of a person fifty years her junior. Her eyes are bright, and they do not tire after reading newspapers and books. Book after book she has read, two a week, taxing the little Library in New Hartford, its librarian, and her daughters to the utmost to keep her supplied with good literature.

“When she is not reading, she may be solving cross-word puzzles, and her daughters say she is much faster than they in thinking of the right word for the right space. And whenever her hands are not busy with something else, she is continually knitting-sweaters, youngsters' clothes, and other garments. She almost never looks at the needles as she works, never drops a stitch or knits an uneven line. A little ten-year old girl visited her a few weeks ago and that night begged her mother to teach her to knit or sew. 'Mrs. Stone does so much for other people, and seems so happy doing it, I want to work for other people too,' she said.

“She points with much pride to her great-grandfather, Uriah Seymour, a captain in Major Elisha Sheldon's Light Horse Regiment, who accompanied General Washington on his return trip through New York in 1776.

“Mrs. Stone smiled as she was asked the inevitable question, 'To what do you attribute your long life?' She answered, 'To the good care of my daughters and to the will of God.' ”

On 6 Oct. 1935, which was Tercentenary Sunday as well as Mrs. Stone's 101st birthday, every attendant at the North Congregational Church in New Hartford-old and young, black and white, rich and poor-signed his name as all filed past the desk at the close of the service, to a message of esteem to the oldest member.

Her children were: Eugene H.9 (1854-1905), unmarried; Anna E. (1861-1933), wife of Frederick B. Jones (1856-1926); Caroline B.; Harriet M.; and Lucy B., wife of James L. Case, no children. Her grandchildren are: Dorothy Louise'? Jones, A.B. (Smith, 1913, Phi Beta Kappa), wife of Fenno Follansbee Heath, a marine architect, graduate of Pratt Institute, and veteran of the World War; Helen Sedgwick Jones, A.B. (Smith, 1915); and Lucy Van Deusen Jones, A.B. (Smith, 1922). There is a great-grandson, Fenno Follansbee Heath, Jr. (born 1926).

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