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262. Thomas S. Seymour

262. THOMAS S.7 SEYMOUR (Thomas Youngs6, Thomas5, Thomas4, Thomas3, John2, Richard1), born at Hartford, Conn., 6 Sept. 1785, died at New York, N.Y., 7 July 1817; married CATHERINE MERRILL, who died at Hartford, Conn., Jan. 1828, ae. 40, daughter of Charles.

He served in the 25th Infantry, U.S. Army, in the War of 1812, being commissioned 2d Lieutenant, 6 July 1812; 1st Lieutenant, 20 June 1813; and Captain, 25 July 1814; transferred to the 6th Infantry, 17 May 1815, and dismissed 7 June 1815. At the close of the war, he went to South America and joined the Venezuelan patriots under Bolivar the Liberator. While there, his health began to decline, and he died on his return to this country in hospital at New York.

Thomas, a brother of Mrs. Woodbridge (Mary Ann Seymour) four years older than herself, and who in early years had been more than any other member of the family. her companion and counsellor, entered the American army in 1812. He held the office of lieutenant. He served through the war, and was in several severe engagements. He was accustomed to see men falling thick around him, and once his sword was shivered in his hand. Brave and generous, he was loved by his soldiers. On one occasion he was taken prisoner; but his men, with the shout, “Save the young lieutenant!” rushed into the midst of the enemy and bore him triumphantly back. Though naturally amiable, such was his taste for military life that after the close of the war he went to South America, and joined the patriots under the distinguished Bolivar. While there his health began to decline. He took passage for home, and arrived in New York, where he died. (See “The New England Minister of Sixty Years Ago,” pp. 86-90.)

i. DANIEL M.8, b. 1807, d. 6 Oct. 1871; m. SARAH E. – and had children Kate Beckwith9 (m. William J. Strickland of St. Paul, Minn.) and Ellen (Mrs. Craven of Manchester, Conn.).

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