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(<-- Mary (Ledyard) Seymour (1735-1807), Wife of the First Mayor) (Back to Start) (The First Mayor's "Mohogany Desk and Book Case" -->)

Trade-Card of Samuel Prince, Joyner

Trade-card of Samuel Prince, Joyner


The card announces to the public that “Samuel Prince, Joyner At the Chest of Draws In Cart & Horse Street New York Makes and Sells all Sorts of Joyners Work on the Lowest Terms.” Apparently Prince was a name to conjure with, for in the New York Packet of March 16, 1786, one Thomas Burling announced the opening of a new shop and commended himself to the public by saying that “He served his time with Samuel Prince, a conspicuous character in his way, and esteemed one of the best workmen in the city.” The First Mayor must have seen this interesting trade-label of Samuel Prince every time he opened the top drawer of his “Mohogany Desk and Book Case,” standing there in his house on Governor Street, where he lived, as well as his father before him, and his son and grandson after him.


Legal papers of one sort or another bearing the signature of the First Mayor are not uncommon, but official papers in which he appears as mayor are almost non-existent, which is the author's excuse for printing here a note signed by the First Mayor but undated and unaddressed, which has found its way into the archives of the Connecticut Historical Society. The author cannot refrain from including it in this book as it shows that Sabbath-breaking had raised its ugly head in Hartford in Mayor Seymour's time. The mayor's rebuke is very mildly phrased, and it would appear that although he was a godly man, he did not think the infringement of the law very serious. Even the author can remember that in his boyhood in his native village, the “best people” (i.e. Congregationalists) refrained from using their horses for pleasure-driving on the Sabbath day.


It has been suggested to the civil authority at their last Monday meeting, that, of late, it hath become common here for Parties, in carriages &c to ride out upon the Sabbath for Amusement &c – your name was mentioned with others – I need only hint to you the catching example of such a course, at which am informd, many of our worthy citizens, take offence – & am

Sir your obt. humble Servt.

Ths Seymour

(<-- Mary (Ledyard) Seymour (1735-1807), Wife of the First Mayor) (Back to Start) (The First Mayor's "Mohogany Desk and Book Case" -->)

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