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John Bonner (1693- )

JOHN BONNER (1693- )

John Bonner (1693- ), great-great-granduncle of Governor Thomas Hart Seymour; brother of Jane Bonner (1691-1739), Governor Seymour's great-great-grandmother. This canvas presented to the Connecticut Historical Society, December 3, 1844, by Major Henry Seymour, Governor Thomas H. Seymour's father. John Bonner was born in Cambridge, December 6, 1693. and was baptized in Boston the following March. He also had the smallpox in London, which broke out December 6, 1698; married in Boston, November 15, 1717, to Sarah, daughter of Samuel Marsh. It will Ire noted by comparing his picture with that of his sister, Jane Bonner, that each carries a rose. The painter of these two pictures is unknown. From the glimpse of the sea and sailing vessels in his picture it may be surmised that he was a mariner as was Captain John Bonner, his father, before him. In the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. V, p. 174, will be found some record of the Bonner family, which came to light among the papers of William Ellery, Esq.. during the lifetime of his daughter, Mrs. Jane (Ellery) Seymour, mother of Governor Thomas Hart Seymour.

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