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Margaret (Beauchamp) Chenevard (1707-1783)


Grandmother of Captain John Chenevard, Jr., who married Mary Juliana Seymour, daughter of the First Mayor, May 20, 1794. This canvas was presented to the Connecticut Historical Society by Mary Juliana's daughter, Mary Eliza (Chenevard) Comstock, September 1869, who at the same time presented to the Society a portrait of her great-granduncle, Adam Beauchamp. Margaret and Adam Beauchamp were daughter and son of Captain John Beauchamp and Margaret his wife, of Boston and Hartford. Artist unknown; size of this canvas 30 x 25. For their father's interesting will, see Manwaring's “Digest of Early Connecticut Probate Records,” Vol. 3, pp. 223-4.

Margaret Beauchamp's sister, Marianne, by her first husband, John Lawrence, was mother of John Lawrence (1719-1802), Treasurer of Connecticut, 1769-1789, and also of Marian Lawrence, wife of William Keith and mother of Susanna (Keith) Ellery, grandmother of Governor Thomas Hart Seymour. The subject of this portrait was thus great-great-great-aunt of the Governor.

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