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Col. Felix SEYMOUR

Note: This page is still under construction. Eventually, I hope to convert the Felix Seymour GEDCOM into a series of Wiki pages using my Ged2Wiki program. Until then, you may either download the GEDCOM directly or read the brief description below.

Col. Felix SEYMOUR was born in 1725 in Ireland. He died in 1798 in Moorefield, [West] VA (Hampshire County).

(1/9/99) From “Tyler's Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine”:

A list of the Magistrates in the County of Hardy(VA) as they stand in the Register in the Council.
Felix Seymour Richard Seymour 27June1787
Abel Seymour 27June1787 James Seymour 25June1803

(1/11/99) The first entries in the Hardy County Court Record Book, 1786-1791, are as follows:
“At a meeting of the Justices of Hardy County at the house of William Bullett's in the Town of Moorefield, the 7th day of February, 1786.”
Felix Seymour, Gentleman, Present.
(7 others listed).

(1/11/99) From “Licking County, Ohio” 977.154 l618 v.1:

“Felix married Margaret Renick, daughter of William and Ann Renick in 1753. They settled near Mooresfield, then built a homestead at Seymourville, Grant County, VA, where he acquired extensive land holding and possessions. He was 1st Magistrate for Hardy Co., served in the Va. House of Burgess, Colonel in French & Indian War, served as a Patriot in Rev. War, plus enlisted for three years service under Capt. Casewell, in the Fifth Co. of No. Carolina Troops.”

He was married to Margaret RENICK (daughter of William RENICK and Ann HAMILTON) in 1752 in (West) VA. Margaret RENICK(1) was born in 1733 in Paxtang, Lancaster, PA. She died in 1778 in Cumberland Cty., PA. Col. Felix SEYMOUR and Margaret RENICK had the following children:

  1. John SEYMOUR(1) died about 1754 in WV. He was born on 7 May 1754 in WV.
  2. Richard SEYMOUR.
  3. Thomas SEYMOUR.
  4. Abel SEYMOUR.
  5. George SEYMOUR.
  6. Catherine SEYMOUR.
  7. William SEYMOUR.
  8. James SEYMOUR.
  9. Elizabeth SEYMOUR.
  10. Aaron SEYMOUR.
  11. Mary SEYMOUR.

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