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The SEYMOUR immigration page

This page is devoted to maintaining a list of the SEYMOUR families who immigrated to the Americas. If you have any information to contribute, please feel free to edit this page or contact me.

"A History of the Seymour Family" (1939)

It is likely that the largest group of American Seymours descends from the original colonist, Richard Seymour, who came to Connecticut in 1638 or 1639. His family (complete to six generations) is documented in the 1939 book "A History of the Seymour Family" by George Dudley Seymour and the respected genealogist Donald Lines Jacobus.

The American Seymour immigrants

This list is in approximate order of immigration. For more information on a particular line, click on the immigrant's name.

  • Richard Seymer (or Seymour), Preacher – arrived in Maine as part of George Popham's expedition in August, 1607. Returned to England when the colony failed after only a year or two.
  • Richard Seymour, arrived c.1639 from Sawbridgeworth, co. Herts, England and settled in Connecticut. Much of my information comes from the book "A History of the Seymour Family" by George Dudley Seymour and Donald Lines Jacobus (1939), which documents Richard's line complete for six generations, with additional detail for his son, John's line. I've also included a brief genealogy of Richard's English ancestry.
  • Owen Seymour (or Seamer) – arrived Isle of Wight, Virginia sometime in the 1600's(?). My information on this line is quite sparse. If you have more information, please contact me.
  • Colonel John Seymour, Royal Governor of Maryland – baptized 18 September 1649 at Bitton, Gloucestershire. Died 30 July 1709 at Annapolis, Maryland. He was the son of Thomas Seymour of Bitton and Elizabeth Lyte of Lytescary, Somerset. The Bitton Seymours descend from John Seymour (depending on the source), bastard son of Edward Seymour the Lord Protector. Upon his death, the family returned to England, so there are likely no American descendants from this immigrant. However, his great-great granddaughter Mary Ann Seymour Compton immigrated to Baltimore circa 1810-20. This information comes courtesy of Henry Sutliff. More information here:
  • Felix Seymour – arrived c.1725 from Northern Ireland and settled in Virginia. This information graciously submitted by Will Nicoll, with additional material by Rita Millis.
  • John and Rose Seymour – both from Ireland, lived in Attleboro, Massachusetts from 1730's and on.
  • John and Mary Seymour – from England. Lived in Boston 1735-1755
  • Henry and Ann Seymour – lived in Portsmouth, NH 1745-55
  • Isaac Seymour and 3 brothers (of English and Irish descent) – They arrived (separately or together?) in the mid-1700's and settled in Virgina. They all served in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.
  • John Seymour, cabinetmaker – immigrated to Portland Maine from Devonshire, England in 1784. Moved to Boston in 1794. Wife: Jane and either 6 or 8 children, depending on the source.
  • Richard Seymore and Elizabeth Caws – Richard was born in 1770 in England. He was a Mariner in 1820 in Indiana.
  • John Granderson Seymour – from England in 1792 to North Carolina. Married Agnes Pulliam in 1794.
  • Benjamin Seymour – from Chatham, Kent, England, immigrated to Plymouth, Cape Cod, Mass. 1794. Numerous children and descendants.
  • William and Letitia Seymour – immigrated from Ireland to Newberry co., SC c.1797. They and their five children all eventually left South Carolina settling in Montgomery and St. Clair Counties, Illinois; Rankin and Copiah Counties, Mississippi; Randolph County, Alabama and Cherokee County, Kansas. This information submitted by Kimball G. Everingham.
  • William and George Seymour (brothers) – from co. Cork, Ireland, 1832 to New Brunswick.
  • Robert Seymour – arrived from England 1838. This information from Margie Etter, Robert was christened 1 Nov 1813 in Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire, England. His parents are James Seymour and Mary Hunter. Other siblings are Hunter James, James, Thomas Hunter and Mary, all were christened in Pinchbeck, England. Declaration of Intent filed in Washington County, AR 2 Jun 1847 for Robert. Found him 1850 Washington County, AR census. Nothing before these dates other than his marriage in 1842. Don't know where he left England or where he arrived. Believe brother, James, came with him.
  • Newton and George Seymour – Newton b. 1807, George b. 1812, both in Kirton In Holland, Lincolnshire, England; Newton married Mary Ann King, b. 1814 also in Kirton. They came to America in 1838 with other family. Some settled in Washtenaw County, MI. Much more information can be found on the linked page.
  • Robert Seymour and his wife Catherine Pegler – married on 4 July 1819 in Mapledurham, Oxfordshire, England – immigrated to Canada in the early 1840s – then to Wisconsin. For additional information, contact Carolann Seymour Van Galder at
  • Maurice Bain Seymour – born abt 1820 in Ireland; married Maria MacDonald from Scotland; arrived New York, 1847; moved to Ontario and then to Western Canada; son was a prominent doctor.
  • John Wiloughby Seymour – born abt 1821 in Beaufort, Essex, England; married Elizabeth Alden Hewins (dau. of Amasa Hewins); lived in Boston, Massachsetts. Information from
  • Charles Seymour – born 8 Mar 1826 in Louisburgh, County Mayo, Ireland; came to United States in 1841; settled in Kentucky. For more information, see
  • John Seymour from France – prior to 1850. From a posting by Joyce Bishop on the Ancestry message board: “My great great grandparents were John and Angeline Huntly Seymour. I have been able to determine that John was originally from France and Angeline was born in Vermont. In 1850 they were in Norwalk, Ohio and had five children, one of which was my great grandfather Harlow Seymour.”
  • John Seymour born 1853 in Germany – He was married to Adeline M. Unknown, who was born 1852 in New York. John immigrated in 1864 and is listed in the 1870 census for Frankfort, Herkimer, NY living with the Van Slyke family.
  • James E. Seymour – born 1849 in England; married Mary Donohoe in Maine in 1869; two children: Robert Arthur Seymour Sr., b. 30 Aug 1870 and James Edgar Seymour, b. 1872.
  • George Seymour – born c.1875 in county Cornwall, England; son of William Seymour and Mary Trezise; married to Emily Nichols (also from Cornwall); died Jan 3 1910 in Arizona Territory, where he was a miner. Information from:

This list needs to be longer! If you would like to contribute your Seymour database, feel free to contact me. I can accept GEDCOM files1), but if you feel up to it, feel free to enter the data yourself on this site. Contact me if you don't know where you should put something.

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