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Maurice Bain Seymour

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Maurice Bain Seymour was born in Ireland around 1820, the son of another man named “Maurice”. He apparently served in the British Navy and has been refered to in some documents as “Captain”. In 1845, he traveled from Jamaica to New York, eventually ending up in the Michigan/Ontario region. He married Maria MacDonald (from Scotland) and had at least two children (one son and one daughter).

The son, Maurice MacDonald Seymour, went on to become a prominent physician and surgeon in the North West Territories in Canada. For more information on him, see his Wikipedia entry.

Facts (not all confirmed):

  • 1845: New York passenger and Immigration list (“Maurice Bain Seymour”, occupation: Merchant, from Kingston, Jamaica)
  • 1860: Federal Census for Detroit, Michigan (“Morris Seymour”)
  • 1863: U.S. Civil War Draft Registration in Pontiac, Michigan (“Morris B Seymour”)

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