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Note: These articles were originally published by The Connecticut Society of Genealogists in the Connecticut Nutmegger, volume 22 (1989-1990), issues 24 & 25;

Richard Seymour's Father

Richard Seymour's Father
by S. Allyn Peck, 1989
Connecticut Nutmegger, volume 22, issue 24
from The Connecticut Society of Genealogists

Reputable genealogists galore have stated that Robert Seamer, father of Richard Seymour the Colonial American immigrant, was buried in England without making a will. I therefore have qualms about asserting the contrary. Where such a will should be expected to be, the Bishop of London's Commissary Court of Essex and Hertfordshire, it isn't. But other courts of probate there abound. While indexing and abstracting the records of the Consistory Court of London including occasional Essex and Herfordshire wills, I was startled to see peering at me the recognizable name and place: Robert Seamer of Sabrudsworth in the County of Hertfd. Appreciating the significance of the find in the Register Allen at folio 336, I made the copy annexed herewith.

T Robrti
Memorand that the xxth Day of August
Anno Dni 1637 Robert Seamer of
Sabrudsworth in the County of Hertfd
Shooemaker beinge sicke in bodye but of
good & perfect remembrance Did make &
Declare his will nuncupative by wordes
of mouth in manner & effect followinge
that is to say first he bequeathed his
soule to God & his body to the earth to
bee Decentlie buried; And hee willed &
bequeathed all his moveable goodes
whatsoever hee had in this present
world as well within Dores as without
vnto Elizabeth his lovinge wife; for
the terme of her naturall life shee
payinge & Discharging his Debtes &
funerall charges And the remaynder of
his goods over & besides to pay his
Debtes and funerall charges after the
Decease of his wife hee willed to his
sonne Richard Seamer And hee appointed
the said Elizabeth his Executor And
this hee published to bee his very will
& mynde, in the prnce & hearing of vs
Willm Waller & John Waller. (Probated
10 Nov. 1637)

The will leans to the presumption that indeed Richard Seymour of Norwalk, Conn. was an only child as Nature prescribes for some couples; and excludes other contemporary Seamers in America and Hertfordshire, England, dangled like wash on a clothes line in the New England Genealogical Register volume 71 as sister and brothers. The will makes very unlikely that these random contemporary individuals are his progeny.

Additional Notes on S. Allyn Peck's Article

Additional Notes on S. Allyn Peck's Article
by Brainerd T. Peck, 1989
Connecticut Nutmegger, volume 22, issue 25
from The Connecticut Society of Genealogists

Richard Seymour (or Seamer) was bapt. 27 Jan. 1604/5 at Sawbridgeworth, co. Hertfordshire, England, the son of Robert and Elizabeth (Waller) Seamer. Apparently he came to New England in 1638, was in Hartford, Conn. in 1639 and Norwalk by 1651. He died at Norwalk 10 Oct. 1655. Mr. S. Allyn Peck of New York City has been researching the origin of many of the first families of Fairfield County, Conn. by examining English records. He has kindly furnished the Connecticut Society of Genealogists Inc. with a copy of the hitherto unknown will of Robert Seamer, the father of Richard, the immigrant to New England. Very likely the William and John Waller, witnesses to Robert Seamer's nuncupative will, were brothers or other close relatives of Elizabeth (Waller) Seamer. Robert Seamer, the father, was buried at Sawbridgeworth 23 August 1637.

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