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34. Capt. Stephen Seymour

34. CAPT. STEPHEN4 SEYMOUR (Ebenezer3, Richard2, Richard1), of Plymouth, Conn., born, probably at Farmington, Conn., about 1718, died at Sharon, Conn., 13 Nov. 1807, aged 89, being buried in the parish of Ellsworth in that town. He married first, at Waterbury, Conn., 18 Mar. 1740/1, MEHITABEL4 HICKOX, born at Waterbury 22 Nov. 1723, died there 9 May 1767, daughter of Capt. Samuel3 (William2, Samuel1) and Mary (Hopkins) and sister of Mary, wife of Richard Seymour (33), and of William Hickox, husband of Lydia Seymour (12, vi); secondly, at Waterbury, 12 Oct. 1767, MARY (DUNBAR) ELWELL, who died at Plymouth 8 Oct. 1799, aged 83, daughter of John of Wallingford, Conn.; and probably thirdly, at Plymouth, in Nov. 1801, – TODD.

Stephen Seymour settled in the Northbury Parish of Waterbury, which formed part of the town of Waterbury until 1780 and then was included in the town of Watertown until 1795, when it was incorporated as a separate town under the name of Plymouth. In 1764 he was Ensign, on 6 May 1765 he was chosen Lieutenant of the Northbury Company of the Militia at Waterbury, and in May 1777 he was elected Captain of the Alarm List Company of Northbury Parish, Tenth Regiment, resigning this office in 1780 “on account of old age.” About 1804 he removed with his son Amos to Sharon, where he spent the last few years of his life. In his will, dated at Plymouth 6 Feb. 1797 and proved at Sharon, 15 Mar. 1808, he bequeaths to his son Amos his farming tools and all his right to the house and barn where he {Stephen) then lived, over and above his proportion with his brothers; and to his sons Gideon, Abel, Daniel, David, Zadock, Stephen, and Amos, and daughters Thankful, Mehitabel, and Amy he bequeaths the rest of his estate, both real and personal, each son to have two seventeenth parts and each daughter one seventeenth part. The inventory includes a debt of $20 against Mehitabel Mason and a debt of $14.21 against Thankful Hickox. These sums of money form part of their respective shares of the estate, which was distributed 22 Sept. 1808. Mary, second wife of Stephen, in her will dated 8 Jan. 1779 and proved 4 Nov. 1799, makes bequests to the Congregational Church of Northbury and to her husband Stephen Seymour, and also leaves one-third of her land to son Amos Seymour, one-third to Ebenezer Elwell, son of Samuel Elwell, and the remaining one-third to her cousins, Mary, wife of Jonah Sanford, Molly Dunbar, daughter of the testatrix's brother John, Mary, daughter of Andrew Andrus and wife Elizabeth, and Mary Dotha, daughter of Moses Blakeslee of New Cheshire.

Children by first wife, born at Waterbury:
95. i. GIDEON5, b. 24 Sept. 1741.
ii. THANKFUL, b. 6 Nov. 1743; m. at Waterbury, 12 May 1765, as his second wife, THOMAS4 HICKOX, b. at Waterbury 4 Apr. 1737, s. of Dea. Thomas3 (Thomas2, Samuel1) and Miriam (Hawkins). He m. (1) 17 July 1760, Lois Richards, who d. 11 May 1764.
1. Lois Richards, b. 29 Mar. 1766; d. 19 Dec. 1766.
2. Thomas, b. 19 Oct. 1767.
3. Lois Richards, b. 29 Oct. 1769.
4. Mark, b. 23 May 1773.
5. Ira, b. 24 Mar. 1775.
6. Isaac, b. 5 July 1778.
96. iii. ABEL, b. 2 July 1745.
97. iv. DANIEL, b. 30 Oct. 1748.
98. v. DAVID, b. 5 May 1750.
vi. AMOS, b. 9 July 1752; d. 11 Dec. 1759.
vii. LYDIA, b. 17 June 1754; d. 2 Oct. 1772.
99. viii. ZADOC, b. 30 Apr. 1757.
ix. MEHITABEL (twin), b. 21 July 1759; m. at Bethlehem, Conn., 26 Nov. 1792, JOSEPH MASON.
100. x. STEPHEN (twin), b. 21 July 1759.
xi. AMY, b. 7 June 1761; d. 8 Nov. 1826; m. 17 Apr. 1785, JAMES CURTISS, perhaps b. at Waterbury, 28 June 1765, d. 22 July 1835, s. of James and Judith (Elwell); res. Galway and Sherburn, N.Y.
1. David, b. 18 Aug. 1786.
2. Sybil, b. 8 Mar. 1788.
101. xii. AMOS, b. 5 Sept. 1766.

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