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35. Eliakim Seymour

35. ELIAKIM4 SEYMOUR (Jonathan3, Richard2, Richard1), born at Farmington, Conn., about Mayor June 1725, died before 1 Aug. 1767, when the inventory of his estate was taken. He married SUSANNA4 (JUDD) SEYMOUR, born at Farmington 8 Sept. 1726, died in 1812, daughter of Dea. Anthony3 (John2, Thomas1) and Susanna (Woodford) and widow of Eliakim's first cousin, Samuels Seymour (32).

Eliakim Seymour lived at Kensington Parish, Farmington. Administration on his estate was granted to Susanna, his widow, 4 Aug. 1767. He owned no land, and the estate was insolvent. Widow Susanna Seymour was received into the church at Kensington Parish 17 Sept. 1769.

Children, bapt. at Kensington Parish, Farmington:
i. JERUSHA5, m. at Farmington, 24 Nov. 1774, JAMES MERRILL, a tailor, who later lived, as a druggist, at Castleton, Vt, Seven sons, Orsamus, Timothy, James S., Erasmus, Edwin, Ferrand, and another.
ii. MARY, bapt, 8 May 1757; m. DANIEL GREEN of Granville, N.Y., later of Hartwick, N.Y.
1. John.
2. Seymour, of Osceola, N.Y., served in the Legislature.
3. Daniel.
4. Jabez.
5. Olive, m. Benjamin Story.
102. iii. JONATHAN, b. 27 Aug. 1759.
103. iv. SAMUEL, bapt, 26 Sept. 1762.

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