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103. COL. SAMUEL5 SEYMOUR (Eliakim4, Jonathan3, Richard2, Richard1), baptized at Kensington, Conn., 26 Sept. 1762, died about 1838 aged 76; married POLLY COMSTOCK, who died aged 82.

He was a blacksmith and farmer; removed from Kensington to Exeter, and Preston, N.Y., and afterwards to New Milford, Pa.

He was appointed Captain, Tioga County Militia, N.Y., 1792; second Major, 1797; and was Lieut.-Colonel Commandant, 1802 to 1807.

i. SAXA6, b. at Otsego, N.Y., 10 Feb. 1793; d. at Harford, Pa., in 1882; m. 25 Sept. 1826, HANNAH SWEET, b. at Harford, Pa., 13 Feb. 1804, dau. of Elias and Abigail (Fosten). He was a merchant in Harford, Pa., an honest, industrious and successful man, and a Colonel in the Militia. He was a soldier in the War of 1812, in Capt. William Palmer's Co., 19 Sept. to 14 Nov. 1814. He was Postmaster for 25 years at Harford, Pa. Three children.
ii. HORACE, a wealthy farmer at New Milford, Pa. Three children.
iii. ALVIN J., a merchant at Susquehanna, Pa, No children.
iv. SAMUEL, a merchant at Susquehanna, Pa. One child.
v. Lucy, m. and lived in Illinois.
vi. SALLY, b. in 1802; d. at Harford, Susquehanna Co., Pa., in 1843.
vii. POLLY, m. – SWEET of Harford, Pa.

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Two others died young.
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