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102. JONATHAN5 SEYMOUR (Eliakim4, Jonathan3, Richard2, Richard1), born at Kensington Parish, Farmington, Conn., 27 Aug. 1759, died at Otsego, N.Y., 26 July 1819; married at Kensington Parish, Farmington, Conn., 15 Feb. 1787, ABIGAIL6 HART, born at New Britain, Conn., 27 Oct. 1761, died at Hartford, Pa., 2 Jan. 1833, buried at Otsego, N.Y., daughter of Thomas5 (Elijah4, Thomas3, Thomas2, Stephen1) and Mehitabel (Bird).

He served as a soldier at Saratoga and with the Connecticut reserves at Yorktown. He was a blacksmith, and settled first at Kensington, Conn.; in Jan. 1794 removed to Otsego, N.Y., where he was a deacon in the church; “a very industrious man, honest, liberal, and faithful in all the relations of life.”

i. NABBY6, b. at Berlin, Conn., 31 Jan. 1788; d. at Amherst, Mass., 23 Aug. 1844; m. 16 Nov. 1809, JOAB TYLER, b. at Attleboro, Mass., 23 July 1784, d. at Amherst, Mass., 11 Jan. 1869, s. of John.1)
ii. RUTH, b. 25 Aug. 1789; d. 6 Mar. 1875; m. WILLIAM A. BOYD, of Hartwick and Ovid, N.Y., and Monroe, Mich.2)
iii. JOHN, b. 17 July 1791; d. 27 Mar. 1881; res. Harford, Pa., and Lyme, Ohio; m. 5 Jan. 1820, SARAH ATHERTON THACHER, b. at Attleboro, Mass., 30 Oct. 1797, dau. of Moses6 (Peter5, Peter4, Peter3, Thomas2, Peter1) and Sarah (Read). Six children. In 1876, Mr. Seymour supplied a remarkably accurate and detailed account of his branch of the family, going back to Richard2, to Chief Justice O. S. Seymour of Litchfield, from whom Miss Talcott obtained a copy.
iv. NANCY, b. 24 Apr. 1794; d. s.p. 11 Oct. 1831; m. in the Spring of 1831, REV. WILLIAM BRIDGEMAN.
v. GEORGE, b. 20 June 1796; d. at Otsego, 16 June 1825. He was educated at Auburn Theological Seminary, entered the ministry, and was preaching in Susquehanna Co., Pa., when his labors were arrested by a severe cold, which terminated in consumption ..
vi. HART, b. 18 Jan. 1798; d. 18 Aug. 1868; occupied his father's farm, later lived in Franklin, N.Y., and Plymouth, Ohio; m. MERCY NORTH. Five daughters.
vii. MEHITABEL, b. 22 July 1800; d. 17 Apr. 1854; m. DR. CHARLES SMITH, of Lyme, Ohio.
viii. ALONZO, b. 19 Jan. 1805; d. 11 Mar. 1861; a tinner and merchant of Geneva, N.Y.; m. HULDAH ROSE. Two children.

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Three sons (Tyler): William S., a professor in Amherst College; Wellington R., principal and proprietor of the Young Ladies Institute at pittsfield, Mass.; and Edward G., principal and proprietor of the Young Ladies Seminary at Canandaigua, N.Y.
A son, Erasmus J. Boyd, was principal and proprietor .of the Young Ladies Institute at Monroe, Mich.
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