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74. Aaron Seymour

74. AARON5 SEYMOUR (Zebulon4, John3, John2, Richard1), born at Hartford, Conn., 11 Mar. 1744, died of apoplexy at Hartford, 26 Nov. 1795 aged 52; married first, ABIGAIL —, born 1748, died at Hartford, 27 May 1780, aged 32; married second, JERUSHA ALVORD. (According to descendants).

Administration upon the estate of Aaron Seymour, late of Hartford dec'd, granted to Calvin Seymour, 25 Dec. 1795. The estate was insolvent. Inventory of said estate was taken 2 Mar. 1796. Land encumbered by a mortgage to Walter Seymour is named.

Division, 12 Feb. 1788, of the estate of Abigail Seymour late wife of Aaron Seymour of Hartford; to son Calvin, a double share; to the other children, each a single share.

Theodore Seymour, aged about 16 years, minor son of Aaron Seymour late of Hartford, chose Capt. Frederick Seymour of Hartford as his guardian, 15 Nov. 1797.

Administration upon the estate of Capt. Walter Seymour late of Hartford granted to Calvin Seymour of Hartford, who gave bond with Asa Seymour of Hartford, 20 Mar. 1802. Inventory of above estate taken 29 Apr. 1802. Amount, £124:11:03.

Children by first wife:
145. i. CALVIN6, b. in 1766.
ii. AARON.
iii. SON, b. abt. 1769; bur. 2 Apr. 1779 ae. 10.
146. iv. BILLY, b. abt. 1772.
v. CHILD, bur. 14 Sept. 1773.
vi. WALTER, b. in 1774; d. at sea, 15 Sept. 1801 ae. 27, unm.; a sea captain.
vii. INFANT, bur. 18 Jan. 1777.
viii. ABIGAIL.
Children by second wife:
ix. THEODORE, b. abt. 1781.
x. ALLEN, b. in 1782; d. 2 Sept. 1863; res. Stockton, Chautauqua Co., N.Y.; m. PATIENCE BENNETT, b. abt. 1784, d. 15 July 1858, dau. of Job.
Children, most of them born in Spencertown, Columbia Co., N.Y.:
I. Wilson Waterman7, b. 15 Sept. 1802; res. Glen Falls, Warren Co., N.Y.; m. Belinda Welch.
II. Jerusha, b. 11 Dec. 1804; m. Selleck Weed, of Carroll, Chautauqua Co., N.Y.
III. Calvin Skinner, b. 20 May 1806; res. (1885) Trempealeau, Wis.; m. Sarah Welch. Eleven children.
IV. Daniel, b. 25 July 1808; res. Gerry, Chautauqua Co., N.Y.; m. Electa Welch.
V. Mary Ann, b. 1 July 1810; m. Anson Barrows.
VI. Russell, b. 7 July 1812; d. in infancy.
VII. Emeline Margaret, b. 11 July 1814; res. Elroy, Wis.: m. Ezra Wyman.
VIII. William Henry, b. 14 Sept. 1815; res. Jamestown, N.Y.; m. Melissa M. McClallen, b. at Wellington, Vt., in 1826. Three children.
IX. Juliette, b. 14 July 1817; m. in 1834, Otis S. Gould, of Jamestown, N.Y.
X. Warren Pulaski, b. 22 May 1819; d. 28 Aug. 1884; res. Lockton, N.Y.; m. Prudence Morrell
XI. Eliza, b. 17 May 1821; d. in infancy.
XII. Patience, b. 14 July 1823.
XIII. Laura Jane, b. 20 Dec. 1825; d. 7 Nov. 1864; m. Levi Griswold of Wauconda, Lake Co., Ill.
XIV. Henry Washington, b. 24 Oct. 1826; res. Stockton, N.Y.; m. 31 Dec. 1849, Almira Pike, b. 27 Nov. 1829, dau. of James and Betsey C. (Hewett). Two children.
xi. JERUSHA, m. ABRAHAM VAN KEUREN, of Kinderhook, N.Y.
xii. MARGARET, m. (1) DR. AMOS WARRING; m. (2) MAJ. BERIAH PHELPS. A dau. Cynthia Maria7 Phelps, m. Rev. Timothy Woodbridge, D.D., of Spencertown, N.Y.
xiii. ASHER, went to Springfield, Vt., to learn house-building; settled in Antwerp, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
xiv. ANNA (or DIADAMA).

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