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145. Calvin Seymour

145. Calvin6 Seymour (Aaron5, Zebulon4, John3, John2, Richard1), born at Hartford, Conn., 1766, died there 16 Dec. 1819, aged 53; married Sarah Andrus, born about 1765, died at Hartford, 8 Dec. 1826 aged 61, daughter of William and Hannah (Seymour).

i. Horace R.7, m. Harriet Wheeler of Wethersfield, Conn.
ii. Roderick, b. in 1791; d. at Cleveland, Ohio, 14 Apr. 1842; m. in 1816, Emily Benton, b. in 1793, d. in 1866, dau. of Reynolds Benton. Children:
I. Henry Watton8, b. in 1817; d. in 1862; res. Cleveland; m. in 1843, Mary Schofield.
II. Ann Amelia, b. in 1820; d. in 1845.
III. Charles Burton, b. in 1822.
IV. John Walker, b. in 1825; d. in 1826.
V. Calvin, b. in 1827; d. in 1827.
VI. George Edward, b. in 1833; res. St. Louis, Mo.; m. in 1859, Julia Ann Brumidge. He engaged in educational work; and in 1885 was in charge of the mathematical department in the St. Louis High School.
iii. Joseph, b. in 1795; d. 20 Sept. 1826 ae. 31, unm.
iv. Sarah, m. Sanford Lewis.

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