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87. Joseph Seymour

87. JOSEPH5 SEYMOUR (Joseph4, Zachariah3, John2, Richard1), baptized at Hartford, Conn., 23 Feb. 1751/2, died at Western, Oneida County, N.Y., in 1828; married — —, born about 1755, living in 1820 aged 65.

He enlisted from Wintonbury, Conn., in May 1777, in Capt. John Harmon's Co., Col. Durkee's Regt., Conn. Line, for the war. He had been sentenced to two years' imprisonment in Hartford Gaol, for inimical practices, and fined £20. He stated that he had faithfully served the United States, and yet repented of his conduct and promised reformation, and asked to be released from prison upon his enlisting into the Continental service, which the Assembly granted on condition of his so enlisting and paying the cost of prosecution. He was discharged, Apr. 1780, at Middlefield, N.J.

He was made a freeman at Colebrook, Conn., 17 Sept. 1782; chosen Lister, 1784; and was still living there in 1790. He removed to Western, N.Y., about 1800.

i. POLLY6.
ii. COLLINS, b. abt. 1782; d. at Western, N.Y., 14 July 1861 or 1862; m. at Western, 23 Mar. 1807, SARAH GOWDY, who was living at Western, ae. 81, in 1871, when she applied for a pension. He served in 1814 in N.Y. Militia, War of 1812.
I. Joseph71), b. 14 July 1808.
II. Caroline, b. 25 Aug. 1810.
III. Alice, b. 29 Dec. 1813.
IV. Angeline, b. 27 Nov. 1816.
V. James L. (twin), b. 22 July 1820.
VI. Jackson A. (twin), b. 22 July 1820.
VII. Juliette A., b. 5 Oct. 1822.
VIII. Harvey H., b. 3 Jan. 1827.
IX. Levi G., b. 2 May 1830.
iii. MARVIN.
iv. ALEXANDER, d. ae. 17.
v. GEORGE W., b. at Western, N.Y., in 1803.

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Typo: The book shows Joseph as generation “6”
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