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201. Alexander Seymour

201. ALEXANDER7 SEYMOUR (Asa6, John5, John4, John3, John2, Richard1), born at Granville, Mass., 15 Aug. 1789, died there 6 Mar. 1879; married at Granville, 15 Feb. 1817, ELECTA PARKER, born at Southwick, Mass., 14 Dec. 1796, died 31 May 1857, daughter of Elisha and Mercy (Beaman).

i. MARIAH8, b. in 1817; d. in 1817 ae. 3 weeks.
ii. MARY HARRIET, b. 17 June 1819; d. at Granville, 10 July 1898; m. at Granville, 13 May 1847, SIMON NELSON HENRY, of Springfield, bapt. at Enfield, Conn., 5 Sept. 1820, d. at Granville, 7 Jan. 1898, s. of Gager and Orena (Clapp). Five children.
iii. ELECTA ALMIRA, b. 10 Dec. 1821; d. at Monson, Mass., 11 Sept. 1883; m. (1) 13 May 1846, WATSON BARBER of South Hadley; m. (2) 13 May 1852, SAMUEL WELLS BARTLETT, b. at West Stafford, Conn., 15 Apr. 1815, d. there 26 Apr. 1874, s. of Nathan and Betsey (Harrington).
iv. EMMA CALISTA, b. 31 Mar. 1824; d. at Easthampton, Mass., 4 Nov. 1895; m. (1) at Granville, 28 Aug. 1849, LEWIS7 TENNEY, b. at Stow, Mass., 4 July 1809, d. at Palmer, Mass., 4 Jan. 1862, s. of Moody6 (Eliphalet5, Jonathan4, Samuel3, John2, Thomas1) and Anna (Bent); lived at Cambridge, Palmer, and Tenneyville, Mass.; m. (2) 14 Nov. 1877, REUBEN SPARROW HENDRICK.
v. ABIGAIL DEMING, b. 6 Aug. 1826; d. s.p. 13 May 1858; m. 28 Apr. 1852, WARREN BENEDICT REYNOLDS, b. 6 Dec. 1821, living (1909) at Plainville, Conn.
vi. ELIZA JANE, b. 19 May 1828; living (1909) at Plainville, Conn.; m. at Granville, 20 Nov. 1859, as second wife, WARREN BENEDICT REYNOLDS, b. 6 Dec. 1821.
vii. FRANKLIN, b. 4 Mar. 1831; d. at Moline, Ill., 3 Mar. 1864; m. at Moline, 22 Dec. 1857, MARY ELIZABETH9 BLISS, b. at Honolulu, Hawaii, 24 May 1837, d. at Moline, 24 June 1870, only child of Rev. Isaac7 (Isaac6, Isaac5, Ebenezer4, Samuel3, Nathaniel2, Thomas1) and Emily (Curtis). Children, b. at Moline:
I. Arthur Bliss9, b. 3 Jan. 1859; d. 31 Mar. 1933; m. at Champaign, Ill., 6 May 1886, ANNA JULIA CONKLING, b. at Leroy, I11., 31 Mar. 1862, dau. of Aaron Belknap and Mary (Maltby). Children:
(1) Mary Elizabeth10, b. 27 Jan. 1889.
(2) Rosa Margaret, b. 28 Apr. 1890.
(3) Frank Conkling, b. 21 July 1895; B.A. (Harvard, 1916).
(4) Edith Katherine, b. 28 Sept. 1896.
II. Harriet Louise, b. 14 Aug. 1862; d. 10 Aug. 1879.
III. Cornelia Emily, b. 30 Aug. 1864; m. William Willis Moultrip.
viii. EDWIN HENRY, b. 7 June 1834; d. at Granville, 23 Sept. 1905; Representative in the Mass. General Court, 1879; m. 1 May 1856, MARY ELLEN8 MERRIAM, b. at Hartland, Conn., 13 Feb. 1835, d. at Granville, 15 Mar. 1900, dau. of Elizur7 (Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Joseph4, John3, William2, Joseph1) and Nancy (Sugden). Children:
I. Edmund Merriam9, b. 12 June 1858; d. 11 Apr. 1879, unm.
II. Harriet Belle, b. 8 Sept. 1859; m. 21 Feb. 1882, George Lewis Oysler.
III. Milo Elizur, b. 13 Aug. 1861; m. 23 Apr. 1884, Harriet Roselle (Davis) Jones, b. at Suffield, Conn., 26 Nov. 1857, dau. of Charles and Marion. He adopted his step dau. Ida Jones, b. 12 Mar. 1878, m. Percy Adams Hutchison.
IV. Frank, b. 3 June 1865; d. 5 Aug. 1865.

ARTHUR BLISS9 SEYMOUR (1859-1933), a botanist of note, B.S. (Univ. of Illinois, 1881), M.S. (1886), was botanist to Ill. State Laboratory of Natural History, 1881-83; private assistant in Cryp-togamic Herbarium and Gray Herbarium, Harvard Univ., 1883-85; instructor in charge of Botany Dept., University of Wisconsin, 1885-86; Assistant in Cryptogamic Herbarium, Harvard, since 1886; teacher of Cryptogamic Botany, Radcliffe College, 1890-91, and summer classes, 1890-92. Fellow Am. Acad. Arts and Sciences; mem. A. A. A. S. Author: A Provisional Host . . . Index of the Fungi of the United States (with W. G. Farlow), 1888-1891. Editor and publisher (with F. S. Earle) Economic Fungi and Economic Fungi Supplement. Editor Cryptogamic Botany (A-G) in Century Dictionary, and contributor of various articles to scientific and agricultural journals relating to fungi and fungous diseases.

Family and furniture go naturally together, and the author offers no apologies for including among his illustrations a small Seventeenth Century New England oak chest which he secured for his collection through the good offices of Professor Arthur Bliss Seymour with whom he corresponded many years ago. The author is of the impression that this correspondence was opened with Mr. Seymour at the suggestion of Miss Talcott. Mr. Seymour came from Granville, Massachusetts, whither his family moved from Hartford in 1781. The interest of the chest is chiefly its very small size, and the fact that it shows along the front edge of its paneled lid, a line of charred spots resulting from the burning back of rush-lights which flickered out over two hundred and fifty years ago. The author has at hand no further history of the chest than that it once belonged to the Seymours of Granville. Peradventure, if Mr. Seymour's letters to the author should come to light, some details about the chest might be recovered.

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