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251. James Seymour

251. JAMES7 SEYMOUR (James6, Samuel5, Moses4, John3, John2, Richard1), {James3, Samuel5, Moses4, John3, John2, Richard1), born at Brockport, N.Y., 5 July 1827; married at New York City, 22 May 1861, MARY O. LODEWICK, born 11 Sept. 1830, daughter of John M. and Emma Linda (Osborn).

He moved in 1845 to Auburn, N.Y., where he became a banker. He was an Elder in the Presbyterian Church.

i. Charles P.8, b. 31 July 1862; d. 20 July 1863.
ii. James Alward, b. 12 Oct. 1864; res. (1936) Auburn, N.Y.; m. 11 Apr. 1894, Marion Melita Smith, b. at Auburn, 13 Apr. 1867, dau. of Charles Augustus and Jane Hobart (Chedell). Children:
I. Jane Chedell9, b. in 1896; m. Paul M. Hills, of Auburn.
II. Mary M., b. in 1897; m. Pennington Sefton, of Auburn.
III. James Sayre, b. in 1899; m. Nataline Dulles. Children:
(1) Marion Chedell10, b. in 1931.
(2) James Dulles, b. in 1935.
iii. John Lodewick, b. 29 June 1867; d. 7 Apr. 1871.

JAMES ALWARD8 SEYMOUR (1864– ), Ph.B. (Sheffield Scientific School, Yale, 1885), M.E. (1890), associated himself with John E. Mcintosh in 1886, founding Mcintosh, Seymour & Co., manufacturers of steam engines, Auburn, N.Y., and employing 700 persons. The firm was incorporated in 1911, as Mcintosh & Seymour Co., of which he was president; the business was sold in 1913 to Mcintosh & Seymour Corporation (principal manufacturer of Diesel type of oil engines), of which he was president. He was a director of Empire Gas & Electric Co.; Trustee of the Seymour (Public) Library, and of the Auburn City Hospital; and a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Book and Snake Society (Yale), and associate member of the Society of Naval Engineers. Clubs: City (Auburn) Engineers'; University; Yale (New York); Graduates' (New Haven). He was a Republican.

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