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275. Joseph Lucius Seymour

275. JOSEPH LUCIUS7 SEYMOUR ( Alva6, Bildad5, Joseph4, Zachariah3, John2, Richard1), a farmer, born at Turin, Lewis County, N.Y., 31 Mar. 1831, on the farm where he died 22 Dec. 1918; married at Houseville, N.Y., 5 Feb. 1866, LYDIA SACKETT, born at Houseville, 11 Jan. 1839, living 1919, daughter of Gad Sheldon and Elmina (Miller).

Mr. Seymour was a farmer and a man of high Christian character, In the church in which he had served so long be was held in. highest esteem. July 24th, 1846, he united with the Presbyterian Church in Lyon Falls, and in 1868 was elected an elder to succeed his father, who was elected an elder in 1826, thus an eldership was held by father and son over a period of 92 years.

i. ARTHUR TRUMBULL8, b. 17 Dec. 1866; d. 2 Feb. 1933; m. MARY JENNINGS of Mt. Vernon, N.Y.
I. Katherine L.9, m.– Martin of New York City.
II. Adele, m. Alfred Ceike of New York City.
ii. ALVA COWLES, b. 14 Dec. 1868; res. unm. on the homestead at Lyon Falls, N.Y.
iii. EDWARD LUCIUS, b. 16 Aug. 1871; m. 15 June 1910, NELLIE MILL£R BROWN, b. 22 Nov. 1885, dau. of Robert and Josephine (Miller). They lived in Fort Apache, Ariz. Children:
I. John Lucius9, b. at Rosebud, S. D., 1 Apr. 1917.
II. Ruth Jean, b. at Phoenix, Ariz., 17 Dec. 1919.
III. Paul Brown, b. at Phoenix, 18 Feb. 1922.
iv. MARY ESTELLE, b. 23 July 1873.
v. DWIGHT SHELDON, b. 27 Mar. 1876.
vi. THEODORE LYMAN, b. 30 Dec. 1877; m. at Turin, N.Y., 7 Sept. 1910, ABBIE L. ALLEN, b. 13 Sept. 1883. He was a farmer, of Sanquoit, Oneida County, N.Y., and El Cajon, Calif. Children:
I. June Ethelwyn9, b. 17 June 1911.
II. Doris Allen, b. 1 Aug. 1912.
vii. EUGENE HOWARD, b. 4 July 1880; d. unm, 8 June 1908.
viii. CELESTIA RUTH, b. 28 July 1883; d. in infancy.

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