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Emma Velona Seymour

EMMA VELONA9 SEYMOUR (William Franklin8, Allen7, Constantine6, Uriah5, John4, John3, John2, Richard1), born 28 Oct 1870 in Elmira/Orion Township, Olmsted County, Minnesota, and died 13 Nov 1952 in Rochester, Olmsted County, Minnesota. She married CHARLES ROMEYN LAWYER FRANCE 08 Nov 1893 in Orion, Olmsted County, Minnesota, son of HARMON FRANCE and NANCY SLINGERLAND. He was born 26 Jun 1861 in Eyota Township, Olmsted County, Minnesota, and died 10 Aug 1926 in Akron, Summit County, Ohio.

Lived in Horton in 1902. Lived in Eyota in 1925

She sold the farm in 1952 or 1953 and moved to Rochester and lived in a nursing home.

Obituary Rochester Post Bulletin - November 14, 1952. Macken Funeral Home, Rochester. Funeral in Eyota at the United Brethren Church. Burial in Eyota Cemetery

Death Certificate: Address when died – 813 2nd St., S.W., Rochester, Olmsted County, Minnesota. Occupation - housewife. Father's name: Frank Seymour, mother's name Sarah Ryan

Burial: November 17, 1952, Oak Grove Protestant Cemetery, Eyota, Olmsted County, Minnesota
Cause of Death: hypertensive cardio-vascular

Died in Rochester, well known architect.
Parents of Charles France were both from New York.
Charles was a farmer and owned the land; # of farm schedule: 94
Had a good singing voice.

Was listed as 28 years old in 1900 census, wife was 29 years old – had been married 5 years, and had 3 children.

When Charles was 4 years old, his father moved to Highland Grove. The farm called Highland Grove because it was the highest point of land in Eyota township and there were groves of trees. (4 miles from Eyota) He and his father planted many of the trees and the trees stand as tribute to Charles and his father.

Record & Union Supplement - Rochester, MN - October 2, 1891, Pic 2 - Charles starts for State University on October 1st, 1891 for medical school. He then left medical school to return to Eyota when his father, Harmon Alonzo died of a heart attack.

Obituary - Rochester Post-Bulletin Friday August 13, 1926. Charles died while visiting his sister H.L. Graves of Akron, Ohio. Services held at his home in Eyota. Informant of death: Harold Graves, 895 Hereford Drive, Akron, Ohio.

Burial: August 11, 1926, Oak Grove Cemetery, Eyota, Olmsted County, Minnesota
Cause of Death: Died of reduced blood flow to arteries; generalized arteric sclerosis
Census: June 14, 1900, Eyota Township, Olmsted County, Roll 778, Book 2, Enum. Dist. #104, page 5
Medical Information: Severe illness in 1919 left him crippled and unable to do active work

Witnesses to the wedding Innis or Tennis Slingerland and Mabel Seymore; Minister performing the service George P. Avery

Can't tell on marriage record if date married is November 11th or November 18th. From Olmsted County
Marriage Register, Book K, Page 120

Newspaper article in Rochester Post November 17, 1893 gives wedding date as November 8th, 1893. They were married at the bride's parents home in Orion, Minnesota by the Rev. George P. Avery of Rochester. 30 people present; bride wore white silk.

Paper submitted to Olmsted Historical society by Mrs. Paul Pearson states wedding date as November 8th

Marriage: November 08, 1893, Orion, Olmsted County, Minnesota

i. H.A.10, b. January 25, 1894, Eyota, Olmsted County, Minnesota; d. January 25, 1894, Eyota, Olmsted County, Minnesota (stillborn))
ii. MARION, b. July 05, 1895, Eyota, Olmsted County, Minnesota; d. July 17, 1989, Rochester, Olmsted County, Minnesota, 55901; bur. Eyota Town Cemetery, Olmsted County, Minnesota; m. PAUL LEO PEARSON, June 18, 1921, Charles R. France Farm, Eyota, Olmsted County, Minnesota (b. February 18, 1894, Nunda Township, McHenry County, Illinois; d. March 08, 1959, Methodist Hospital, Rochester, Olmsted County, Minnesota).
Olmsted County Birth Register Book D, Page 74, Line 18 - Birth Registered on August 5, 1899
In Mike France's genealogy, states Marion Frances ss# before 1951, 471-12-8318 (Correct) Applied for social security at age 42 on June 2, l938. Address at time of filling out form ws 606 11th Avenue S.E., Rochester, MN
Marion France went to DePau College and took latin. She played tennis and took languages. She was Phi Beta Kappa in her junior year (only 5% make it) and senior year (only 10% make it). She made it through college quickly.
Notes for PAUL LEO PEARSON: Minnesota National Guard – in medical unit. Was a member of the American Legion. In U.S. armed forces 1917-1919, member of Rochester Company D. Member of the Veterans of WWI, Barracks 923. Active in the boy scout movement at Hawthorne School 1939-45. He went to Ft. Hood, Texas for military training. He was in France and belonged to the army marksmens unit (as a private); he got the rank of sargeant overnight due to shooting against the spanish shooting teams – who refused to shoot against a private.
Paul Leo worked at a big farm in Ogle County near to where Robert and Donna Pearson live in Oregon, Illinois, while he was going to the University of Illinois farm school. While going to school, he worked summers at the Charles France farm, where he met and married Marion France. he never graduated from the University of Illinois Farm School, because of WWI.
Once marrying Marion, he was a herdsman for Dr. Graham, who subsequently sold the whole herd just before the depression. This left Paul without a job, and at the time, the Mayo Clinic was becoming well-known. The Mayo Clinic hired Paul as a janitor during the Depression, and the family had free medical care. The Grahams also gave the Pearsons toys at Xmas time – Jim remembers getting a toy hobby horse. The garage burned down in the 1940's (where the hobby horse was) and burned all of brother Don's clothes, as his room was above the garage.
He became the linen supply manager at the Mayo Clinic when he was 10 days short of retiring.
Occupation on death certificate: clinic maintenance, Mayo Clinic. Street address at time of death: 606 11th Ave. S.E., Rochester, MN
Burial: March 11, 1959, Eyota Town Cemetery, Olmsted County, Minnesota
Cause of Death: mycardial infarction; coronary sclerosis
Military service: WWI Army Infantry
iii. LOUISE, b. June 09, 1897, Eyota Township, Olmsted County, Minnesota; d. May 15, 1985, Alameda, California; bur. Eyota Town Cemetery, Olmsted County, Minnesota; m. HAROLD SCOTT QUIGLEY, August 03, 1921, Minnesota; b. February 13, 1889, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota; d. July 21, 1968, Alameda, California.
Olmsted County Birth Register Book D, Page 75, Line 22 - Registered on June 19, 1897
1930 Census - Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, Roll T626-1089, page 15B:
Harold S. Quigley, age 42, Professor, University of Minnesota (age at 1st marriage 32)
Louise, wife, age 35 (age at 1st marrige 27)
Value of property: $8,000
Marguerite, age 7 b MN
Anne, age 5 b MN
Kathleen, age 3 b MN
Address was at 6th St. S.E.
Census: 1930, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota
Social Security Number: 474 28 4209 issued MN
iv. DOROTHY, b. September 16 or 22, 1899, Eyota Township, Olmsted County, Minnesota; d. July 11, 1937, Rochester, Olmsted County, Minnesota; bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Rochester, Olmsted County, Minnesota; m. DONALD GRAHAM TWENTYMAN, February 15, 1921, Rochester, Olmsted County, Minnesota; b. June 24, 1895; d. September 09, 1971, Rochester, Olmsted County, Minnesota, 55901.
Cause of Death: tuberculosis
Copy of Olmsted County Birth Register Book D, Page 77, Line 3 - Registered birth on December 6, 1899
Remarried second wife, Margaret (or Gwendolyn), who was the nurse of the first wife, Dorothy France, who died of TB. Lived in Rochester. Donald G. Twentyman ran the snack shop across from the Methodist Hospital– all the Pearson boys worked there growing up. James Marion was paid .35 as a busboy.
Burial: Oakwood Cemetery, Rochester, Olmsted County, Minnesota
Social Security Number: 471-12-8318, Rochester 55904
Notes from Harold Crawford genealogy state marriage date as Feb. 19, 1921
v. MILDRED ESTELLE, b. April 27, 1905, Eyota, Olmsted County, Minnesota; d. July 26, 1983, Tulsa, Oklahoma; bur. Mounds, Oklahoma (about 20 miles from Tulsa); m. CARL AUGUSTA TEWELL, May 13, 1929 (b. Oklahoma; d. Tulsa, Oklahoma; bur. Vinita, OK – about 80 miles from Tulsa on Highway #44)
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