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William Franklin Seymour

WILLIAM FRANKLIN8 SEYMOUR, (Allen7, Constantine6, Uriah5, John4, John3, John2, Richard1), born 16 Feb 1836 in Oneida Co., N.Y.; married 27 Oct 1858 in Jamestown, Grant Co., Wisc.1) to Sarah Mary RYAN; d. 20 July 1902 in Lead, Lawrence Co., S.D.

NOTE: William Franklin Seymour went by the name “Frank” most of his life, so his first name was not known to very many people. At some point after his death, a mistake was made and his first name was assumed to be “Willard” – perhaps because his grandson was named “Willard Franklin”, or perhaps simply because his mother's maiden name was “Willard”. Nevertheless, in April 2013 I took a closer look at all of the documents and determined that no document created during his life shows his name as “Willard”. Meanwhile, several documents (including the 1850 census and his marriage record) show his name as “William”. I have, therefore, changed all references on this site to show his name as “William”.

From Obituary Post & Record, Rochester, MN 25 Jul 1902, Page 2, Column 3: He was one of the oldest settlers.

From Obituary Post & Record, 01 Aug 1902, Page 5, Column 1: Received education at Hanover Academy. Came to Minnesota territory in 1856 with his cousin, the first Mrs. O.P. Whitcomb in Eyota, and bought a preemption in Orion township (NW 4 Sec. 1, Orion Township). In 1858 went to Wisconsin2) and married Sarah Ryan. He brought his bride through Winona in a lumber wagon, heavily freighted with lumber, household goods, and table provisions. Buried in Eyota Town Cemetery, later moved to Oakwood Cemetery in Rochester. He died at his daughter's house in Lead, South Dakota. Had known Sarah from when he lived in Paris Hill, New York.

Burial: Oakwood Cemetery, Rochester, Olmsted County, Minnesota (FindAGrave)
Cause of Death: Struck with paralysis (stroke)

i. Carrie Salome9, b. 7 Sep 1859, Orion Twp, Olmsted Co, MN; d. 12 Jun 1936, Rochester, Olmsted Co, MN.; bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Rochester, MN.
ii. Frank Allen
iii. George Willard, b. 13 July or 14 Aug 1863, Orion Twp, Olmsted Co, MN; d. 1 Jul 1864, Orion Twp, Olmsted Co, MN; bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Rochester, MN.
iv. Lucy Mary, b. 11 Jan 1866, Orion Twp, Olmsted Co, MN; She resided, 1925, Lead, Lawrence Co, SD; d. 26 Feb 1927, Lead, Lawrence Co, SD.; m. THOMAS D. EDWARDS, September 1899, Emanuel Episcopal Church, Olmsted County, Minnesota; b. 30 Apr 1847, Floyd, Oneida County, New York; d. 3 Aug 1935, Lead City, South Dakota. No children.
Lived in C. Juarez, Mexico 1910-1917 (Husband was consul general to Mexico); Lived in Lead, South Dakota in 1925. Father died there in 1902; Burial: South Lead Cemetery, Lead, Lawrence Co., South Dakota
Notes for Thomas D. Edwards:
Served as U.S. Consul General to Mexico 1910-1917 - lived C. Juarez. Mexico
In 1877 went to Lead, South Dakota due to Black Hills gold rush. Appointed postmaster of Lead by President Arthur. Bought the Tribune when Cleveland became president. In 1905 was appointed by President Roosevelt to be consul to Mexico. Was proprietor and editor of Lead City Daily Tribune for over 15 years when he married Lucy Seymour in 1899.
v. William Marshall, b. 14 or 26 May 1869, Orion Twp, Olmsted Co, MN; d. 14 Jul or Aug 1869, Orion Twp, Olmsted Co, MN; bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Rochester, MN.
vi. Emma Velona, b. 28 Oct 1870, Elmira/Orion Twp, Olmsted Co, MN. She resided, 1925, Eyota, Olmsted Co, MN; d. 13 Nov 1952, Rochester, Olmsted Co, MN.; bur. Oak Grove Cemetery, Eyota, MN.
vii. Mabel Nellie, b. 9 Feb 1872, Orion Twp, Olmsted Co, MN. She died, 1958; bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Rochester, MN. Never married; no children.
Lived in New Haven, Connecticut in 1952. Lived at home on farm in 1902 and in 1925 (Rochester)
Education: McAlaster College, St. Paul, MN, Univ. of Minnesota, Mpls., MN
viii. Charles James, b. 9 Jul 1875, Orion Twp, Olmsted Co, MN; m. CLAUDIA BERDAN, 19 Nov 1903, Chatfield, Minnesota; res. Laird - home farm; res. 1925, Great Falls, Cascade Co, MT; Also res. Calgary, Alberta, Canada; d. 2 Apr 1932, Great Falls, Cascade Co, MT.; bur. Great Falls, Montana; No children.
ix. Leon Potterton, b. 7 Jul 1879, Orion Twp, Olmsted Co, MN. He resided, 1925, Regina, Canada; d. 21 Nov 1951, Ladner, BC, Canada; bur. 24 Nov 1951, Ladner, B.C. Canada; res. 1902 St. Paul, MN; res. 1909 Mullan, Idaho; res. 1925 Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada; m. MYRTLE ADELE PERSONS, 04 Jan, Lind, Washington(?) (b. September 07, 1879, Dover, Minnesota; d. February 12, 1965).


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William Franklin Seymour portrait The family of William Franklin and Sarah Mary (Ryan) Seymour Sarah Mary (Ryan) Seymour portrait
Later records (including an obituary) claim this marriage took place in Joliet, Will Co., IL – but the marriage record says otherwise
see note about Illinois
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