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49. Thomas(5) Seymour

49. THOMAS5 SEYMOUR (Jehiel4, Matthew3, Thomas2, Richard1), baptized at Huntington, L.I., 13 Apr. 1752, died at Scarsdale, Westchester Co., N.Y., 19 Feb. 1829, aged 77 years; married HANNAH MERRITT, born 1 July 1750, died at Scarsdale in 1835, aged 85 years.

Thomas Seymour and Reuben Wright, both of North Castle, N.Y., bought land and buildings in Cortland, N.Y., of Anthony Walters and wife Ruth of Cortland, N.Y., 1 May 1784.

He was a farmer and cattle dealer.

Will of Thomas Seymour of Scarsdale, N.Y., dated 22 Dec. 1828, proved 25 Mar. 1829, names wife Hannah, daughter Sarah, son Jesse Seymour, daughter Phebe Hynard wife of Samuel, son Wright Seymour $200, out of which sons Jesse and John shall be paid for what they have advanced out of their own property for the support and maintenance of my said son Wright Seymour, son Daniel Seymour, son James Seymour, son John Seymour, six grandchildren under age, viz.- Thomas Seymour son of Wright, Jane Seymour daughter of Wright, Mary Seymour daughter of James, William Seymour son of Daniel, Emery Seymour son of Jesse, and Augustus Hynard son of Samuel Hynard. Son Daniel Seymour and friend John Fisher to be executors.

i. SARAH6, b. 3 Sept. 1780; d. 26 Feb. 1829, ae, 48y. 5m. 23d. Will of Sarah Seymour of Scarsdale, N.Y., singlewoman, dated 22 Feb. 1829, proved 11 Mar. 1829. All her property to be collected, also legacies due me by the will of my late father Thomas Seymour dec'd, $800 is to be kept at interest which is to be paid to my mother Hannah Seymour during her life. After her decease $650 of above $800 shall be paid to my brother Jesse Seymour, the $150 remaining to be put at interest and paid to my sister Phebe Hynard wife of Samuel Hynard. At her decease $100 of above shall be paid to Susan Hynard daughter of said Phebe (she is under age), the other $50 to the other children of Phebe Hynard equally. To my niece Jane Seymour daughter of Wright Seymour, the amount of a note for $30 with interest, against my brother John Seymour (she is under age). To my sister Phebe Hynard wife of Samuel 1/3 of my linen. To Elizabeth Seymour wife of Jesse, same, to my niece Jane Seymour daughter of Wright, same. I give 1/3 of my clothing to my niece Jane Seymour above and rest to the daughters of my brothers James, Daniel, and John, and the daughter of my sister Phebe Hynard, equally. To Emons Seymour son of Jesse, my 1/2 dozen silver tea spoons. To Phebe Hynard, my china. Brothers John and Jesse, executors.
ii. WRIGHT, b. 2 June 1782; farmer and cattle dealer, of West Somers, N.Y.
iii. DANIEL, b. at Somers, Westchester Co., N.Y., 28 Mar. 1785; d. at Peekskill, N.Y., 25 Sept. 1865; m. at Somers, PHEBE HALLOCK, b. June 1793, d. at Peekskill, 27 May 1879. Five children.
iv. PHEBE, b. 1 Jan. 1789; m. SAMUEL HYNARD.
v. JAMES, b. 28 May 1791; d at Somers, N.Y., abt, 1854; m. at West Somers, N.Y., 24 Dec. 1818, ORPHA OSBORN, b. 16 Sept. 1798, living in 1855, dau. of Samuel. Eight children.
vi. JOHN W. (twin), b. 25 Sept. 1795; d. at South Norwalk, Conn., 14 Sept. 1860; m. at Norwalk or New York, 20 Nov. 1837, MARY E. SAUNDERS, b. 7 Nov. 1813, d. at South Norwalk, Conn., 20 June 1892. Four children.
vii. JESSE (twin), b. 25 Sept. 1795; went to California.

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