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95. GIDEON5 SEYMOUR (Stephen4, Ebenezer3, Richard2, Richard1), born at Waterbury, Conn., 24 Sept. 1741, died at Paris, N.Y., 6 Apr. 1804; married at Waterbury, 3 Dec. 1761, RUTH4 PRINDLE, born at Waterbury, 18 Mar. 1742, died at Paris, N.Y., 1 Nov. 1823, daughter of Nathan3 (Ebenezer2, William1) and Mary Richason.

On 16 Nov. 1795, Gideon Seymour of Plymouth, Litchfield County, Conn., for £144, purchased of Asahel Porter of Westmoreland, N.Y., Lot 84 in Cox's Patent, Oneida County, N.Y. On 2 Feb. 1807, Chauncey and Thankful Hotchkiss, Adonijah and Sylvia Hotchkiss, Oliver and Ruth Barnes, Stephen and Lydia Turner, of Paris, N.Y., John and Sarah Miller, of Richfield, N.Y., for £50, deed land in Paris to Salmon Seymour.

Sacred to the Memory of In
Widow Ruth Memory
Seymour of
who Gideon Seym-
Died Nov. 1, 1823 our who died
Aged 82 April 6
Years. 1804
Aged 63
i. SARAH6, b. 17 June 1762; d. 2 Nov. 1775.
ii. THANKFUL, b. 25 Feb. 1764; d. at Washington Mills, N.Y., 16 Aug. 1829, buried in cemetery adjoining Congregational Church at Paris, N.Y.; m. CHAUNCEY HOTCHKISS, b. at Cheshire, Conn., 10 Feb. 1765, d. at Washington Mills, N.Y., 11 May 1853, probably s. of Henry and Esther.
iii. SYLVIA, b. 26 Oct. 1765; d. at Paris Hill, N.Y., 19 Oct. 1835; m. 28 May 1788, ADONIJAH HOTCHKISS; moved to Freeport, Ill.
iv. ALMIRA, b. 4 Dec. 1767; d. at Paris Hill, N.Y., 15 Nov. 1805, ae. 38; m. 4 Apr. 1793, AMBROSE WETMORE.
v. SELAH, b. 5 July 1769; res. Paris, N.Y.; m. (1) 10 Oct. 1797, MARY BROWN; m. (2) 24 Feb. 1806, BETSEY BURRITT,1) who m. (2) – Tuttle. He was commissioned Ensign in the Herkimer County Militia, 1796, and Lieutenant, 1797; replaced (in what had then become the Oneida County Militia) 1802. Five children.
vi. SALA, b. 4 Apr. 1771; d. 20 Oct. 1775.
vii. RUTH, b. 21 Jan. 1773; d. at Silver Creek, N.Y., 17 Apr. 1845; m. REV. OLIVER BARNES, who d. at the Asylum of the Insane at Utica, N.Y.
viii. LYDIA, b. 12 Dec. 1774; d. 13 Apr. 1826; m. STEPHEN TURNER.
ix. SARAH, b. 5 Sept. 1776; d. at Brockton, N.Y., 5 Oct. 1866; m. JOHN MILLER, b. 14 July 1777, d. 12 Aug. 1851.
x. SALA, b. 21 May 1778; d. at Shabbona Grove, Ill., 23 Feb. 1855; m. (1) BETSEY BURRITT; m. (2) PHEBE NEAL; m. (3) in Oneida County, N.Y., 1837, SARAH LUCINDA HELM, b. abt. 1813, d. at Little Sioux, Iowa, 28 May 1877. Eleven children.
xi. SALMON, b. 2 Nov. 1779; d. at Westmoreland, N.Y., 23 Mar. 1843; m. 22 Dec. 1805, CLARISSA6 GRAVES, b. at Plymouth, Conn., 23 Feb. 1787, d. at Westmoreland, 23 Jan. 1842, dau. of Benjamin5 (Cornelius4, Joseph3, Benjamin2, John1) and Eunice (Hale). Eleven children; see below.
xii. GIDEON, b. 22 May 1782; d. 28 Mar. 1817; m. 22 June 180–, HULDAH5 CANDEE, b. at Oxford, Conn., 16 May 1782, dau. of Gideon4 (Caleb3, Samuel2, Zaccheus1) and Amy (Andrus).

The youngest child of SALMON6 SEYMOUR (1779-1843) was CLARA ELIZABETH7 SEYMOUR, born 2 Sept. 1830, died at Chicago, Ill., 31 Jan. 1912; married at Kirkland, N.Y., 5 June 1855, JOSEPH MORRIS, born at Bethel, Vt., 14 Feb. 1819, died at Chicago, 23 Dec. 1905, son of Ephraim5 (Isaac4, Lieut. Edward3, Dea. Edward2, Lieut. Edward1) and Pamela (Converse). Their only surviving child, Tyler Seymour Morris, dropped the first of the three names, and was known as SEYMOUR8 MORRIS. He was born at Utica, N.Y., 15 Feb. 1863, and died at Chicago, Ill., 27 Sept. 1921; married at Chicago, 18 Jan. 1888, IDA NESBITT TUCKER, born at Indianapolis, Ind., 4 Feb. 1866, daughter of William Stringham Snyder and Martha Ann (Nesbitt), a descendant of Gov. William Bradford, John Alden, and Thomas Rogers of the Mayflower, and of Gov. Thomas Dudley of Massachusetts. A sketch of Mr. Morris, to whose work the present volume is greatly indebted, is appended. His only child is SEYMOUR TUCKER9 MORRIS, born at Chicago, 28 Nov. 1890, married at Evanston, 111., 30 June 1915, MARGARET ARMOUR, born 6 Apr. 1887, daughter of M. Cochrane and Maria Tomlinson (Higgins), and has children.

SEYMOUR8 MORRIS was educated in the public schools of Utica, and, after the removal of his parents to Chicago in Apr. 1875, in those of the latter city, and was graduated at the Chicago High School in 1880. On 6 Sept. 1880 he entered the office of Judge Lucius B. Otis, in the real estate and renting business at 142 LaSalle Street, Chicago. Later he engaged in business by himself, and, his sound judgment in financial matters being widely recognized, he was selected as trustee of the L. Z. Leiter and many other large estates and became a director in a number of important financial organizations.

During the World War, Mr. Morris was appointed chairman of Exemption Appeal Board No.2, of the Northern District of Illinois, and served in that capacity until the end of the War.

He was greatly interested in genealogical research, and had collected a library of some six thousand volumes, consisting chiefly of genealogies, vital records, and New England town histories. His published works include “Ephraim and Pamela (Converse) Morris, Their Ancestors and Descendants,” 1894, “The Tucker Genealogy,” 1901, and “Richard Seymour of Hartford and Norwalk, Conn., and Some of His Descendants,” which was begun in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, vol. 72, and continued in vol. 73, but was not finished when Mr. Morris died. His manuscript collections have been used extensively in the preparation of the present volume. He also edited several volumes of publications of the Illinois Societies of Mayflower Descendants, Colonial Wars, and the Sons of the American Revolution.

He was the prime mover in the organization of the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Illinois, a life member of the Society of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a founder and one of the incorporators of the Illinois Genealogical Society, a founder of the Society of Colonial Wars in Illinois, and a member of the Society of the Cincinnati, the New England Society of Chicago, the Illinois Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, the Pennsylvania Society of the Order of Founders and Patriots of America, the Chicago club, the Union League Clubs of Chicago and New York, and the Metropolitan Club of New York.

He had been adjutant of the Chicago Continental Guard, a military organization composed of members of the Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, uniformed and equipped similarly to the New York Infantry of the Revolution. In politics he was a Republican and in religion a Congregationalist, but for many years he held offices in the Third Presbyterian Church of Chicago.

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But note the first marriage of his brother Sala.
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