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159. William Henry Seymour

159. WILLIAM HENRY6 SEYMOUR (Samuel5, Moses4, John3, John2, Richard1), born at Litchfield, Conn., 15 July 1802, died in 1903; married Apr. 1833, NANCY PIXLEY, born at Hillsdale, N.Y., in 1804, daughter of Ephraim and — (Rogers). He lived in Brockport, N.Y.

He removed from Litchfield to Clarkson, Monroe Co., N.Y., about 1820, and to Brockport in 1823. He was clerk for his brother James, who was in the dry-goods and grocery business; a few years later he carried on the same business, and continued until 1844. Soon after, he engaged in the foundry and machine business, and in 1845 he manufactured for McCormick the first successful reaping machine for cutting grain. He was connected with McCormick in other of his inventions, and also patented a mowing machine. He retired from business in 1877, and continued to reside in Brockport.

He celebrated his 101st birthday in Brockport, 15 July 1903, by rising at 6 o'clock, eating a hearty breakfast, and going out to play croquet with members of the family. In the afternoon friends dropped in and Mr. Seymour won several games of whist. In fact, he showed such splendid control of the game that it was difficult to find any error in his leads.

After retiring with a comfortable fortune, he spent much time abroad; toured England at the age of 86, and when over 90 spent weeks in Chicago, visiting the Exposition every day.

253. i. HENRY WILLIAM7, b. 21 July 1834.
ii. MARY, b. 25 July 1836; d. 29 Mar. 1849.
iii. JOHN, b. 29 Sept. 1839; d. 6 Aug. 1841.
iv. HELEN M., b. 29 June 1845; m. W. B. SYLVESTER, of Brockport.
v. JAMES HORATIO, b. 3 Oct. 1847; member of the S. A R.; d. at Los Angeles, Calif., in 1932.

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