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253. Hon. Henry William Seymour

253. HON. HENRY WILLIAM7 SEYMOUR (William H.6, Samuel5, Moses4, John3, John2, Richard1), {James3, Samuel5, Moses4, John3, John2, Richard1), born at Brockport, N.Y., 21 July 1834, died at Washington, D.C., 6 Apr. 1906; married first, 27 Oct. 1860, ISABEL KANDELL, who died 4 May 1874; married second, 30 June 1873, ELIZABETH CRAIG, who died 22 June 1876; married third, 29 June 1880, HARRIET L. GILLETTE.

He attended the Brockport Collegiate Institute and the Canandaigua Academy, and was graduated from Williams College, Williamstown, Mass., in 1855; studied law in Albany, N.Y., taking lectures at the Albany law school, and was admitted to practice May, 1856; engaged in the manufacture of reapers, and subsequently in the manufacture of lumber and in fanning. Me was elected to the State House of Representative! in I880j member of the State Senate in 1882 and 1886; elected as a Republican to the Fiftieth Congress, to fill vacancy caused by the death of Seth C. Moffatt, and served from 22 Dec. 1887 to 4 Mar. 1889.

Mr. Seymour felt a deep interest in the family history, and spent much time and money in a futile quest for the origin of the American Seymours abroad, employing for that purpose Lt.-Col. Vivian, the noted antiquarian of Devonshire, and professional genealogists in other parts of England, including Mr. W. F. Noble, an antiquarian of high repute. Mr. Seymour died before the problem was solved by Mr. J. Gardner Bartlett's discoveries in the parish records of co. Herts.

Child by first wife:
i. William Henry8, d. 8 Mar. 1874, ae. 17 mos.
Child by third wife:
ii. Helen, b. in 1882; m. in 1910, Merlin Wiley, a lawyer, of Detroit and Grosse Pointe, Mich.

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