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180. Bevil Seymour

180. BEVIL6SEYMOUR (Ashbel5, Bevil4, Thomas3, Thomas3, John2, Richard1), born at Newington, Conn., 4 Sept. 1782, died at Otis, Mass., 20 Oct. 1852 (13 Nov. by Probate Files); married first, at West Hartford, Conn., 21 June 1807, LUCY6 PERKINS, born at West Hartford, 2 Nov. 1783, died at Otis, 30 May 1820, daughter of Dr. Caleb5 (Joseph4, Joseph3, Jacob2, John1) and Sarah (Trumbull); married second, at West Granville, Mass., 13 Nov. 1821, STATIRA (CURTISS) CURTISS, born at Granville, Mass., 6 June 1781, died 16 Aug. 1848, daughter of Aaron and Hannah (Griswold); she married first, 25 Aug. 1809, David B. Curtiss of Sandisfield, Mass.

He was a merchant and hotel-keeper; Postmaster and Justice of the Peace.

The will of Bevil Seymour gave most of the estate to son Henry, “who now lives with me and with whom I expect to spend my old age”; to son Caleb Perkins Seymour, who had been educated at Williams College and in theology at Aubum. “my ivory headed walking cane and a selection among my books, except my large family Bible and Psalm & Hymn Book called Church Psalmody”; to my own daughter Lucy Maria, wife of Dr. Arastus Rising, and to my daughter in law Eliza Ann Curtis, wife of Norman Sheldon, Esq., $120 each; to my son Frederick W. Seymour, my gold spectacles, “and in strict exactness I suppose I ought to do more for him. But God has prospered him abundantly in the things of this life & he has enough. And I hope he will not consider that my regard and tenderness for him is not as great as though I had made him a larger donation.” To son Leverett A, $200; to son Charles Watson, my Bible and Hymn book; to the children of my first wife Lucy Perkins, all household furniture left at her decease, to be equally divided, except the old clock I bought of Dr. Perkins; to the children of my second wife Statira Curtis the furniture she brought with her; to my daughter- in-law Ann Eliza wife of Henry Seymour, my sofa and desert silver spoons; to my grandson Bevil Seymour “for taking my name” my brass clock; to my two granddaughters Lucy L. daughter of Henry and Ann Eliza Seymour, and Helen Statira, daughter of Charles W. and Lydia, each a good Breakfast Table for taking the names of their grandmothers. Son Henry to be executor. “And now dear Children bear ye one another’s burdens & so fulfil the law of Christ.” Codicil dated 10 Aug. 1852; Henry has lost property; above estate put in trust for himself, wife and children.

Children by first wife:
i. CALEB PERKINS7, b. 9 June 1808; d. 20 Sept. 1875, unm. He was graduated from Williams College, 1831. He studied for the ministry and preached a short time, but not feeling satisfied about his qualifications, he abandoned the profession, and went to Ravenna, Ohio, about 1840, where he was clerk for his brother, Frederick. Afterwards he went to Iowa, and died, near Sedalia, Mo., where he had lived in retirement.
ii. LUCY MARIA, b. 2 Nov. 1809; d. 10 May 1882; m. at Otis, 12 Nov. 1829, DR. ARETAS RISING, of Suffield, Conn., b. 15 Dec. 1801, d. 27 Mar. 1884, s. of Nathaniel, Jr., and Lydia (Spencer). Postmaster at Suffield, and member of State Legislature. Four children.
270. iii. FREDERICK WALES, b. 12 Mar. 1811.
271. iv. HENRY, b. 6 July 1813.
272. v. LEVERETT ASHBEL, b. 12 July 1816.
Child by second wife:
vi. CHARLES WATSON, b. 20 Nov. 1822; res. Marblehead and Boston, Mass.; m. (1) at West Stockbridge, 17 Oct. 1847, LYDIA CROCKER; m. (2) about 1856, MARY GERRY BROWN of Marblehead, Mass.
Children by first wife:
I. Helen Statira8, b. at West Stockbridge, Mass., 6 Aug. 1848; d. at Albany, 8 Jan. 1871; m. 29 Jan. 1868, Frederick W. Power of Albany. One daughter.
II. Kate, d. ae. 8 mos.

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