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85. Ashbel Seymour

85. ASHBEL5 SEYMOUR (Bevil4, Thomas3, John2, Richard1), born at Newington, Conn., 25 Jan. 1748, died at West Hartford, Conn., 31 July 1814 (1 Aug., aged 67, by church record); married first, at Newington, 13 Feb. 1777, ABIGAIL6 WELLES, born 6 Apr. 1749, died at Newington, 4 Dec. 1786, daughter of Capt. Robert5 (Robert4, Robert3, John2, Gov. Thomas1) and Abigail (Burnham); married, second, 11 Sept. 1788, HONOR5 WILLARD, born at Newington, 5 Nov. 1746, died at West Hartford, 131) Feb. 1819 aged 72, daughter of Daniel4 (Simon3, Josiah2, Simon1) and Dorothy (Deming).

Ashbel responded to the Lexington Alarm in a company from Wethersfield. Later in 1775, he was sergeant in Capt. H. Welles' Co., 2d Regt., and again in 1776. In 1804, he purchased land in West Hartford of Aaron Seymour and Anne his wife. He deeded land in West Hartford to his son Erastus, in 1806. He was probably the Ashbel Seymour who was one of the early teachers in the parish of New Britain, some years previous to 1788.

The following letter, written in the early days of the War, when Ashbel was a young, unmarried soldier, brings us an authentic picture of the Revolution.

Endorsed on the back,
Josiah Willard
in Newington in
Weathersfield in
Cambridg June 19 1775

I have now an opportunity to Right to you to inform you that throu the Goodness of God I am alive & well Notwith Standing the many hazards I have bin in of Late. Last Satterday was a day wich New england Never beheld the Scene before Cannons Roaring drums Beating Bells Ringing to Alarm her sons to go fourth in her defense & to spill their Precious Blood to save her from Ruing & misery Last Satterday the Battel began about 2 Clock in the afternoon & Lasted near 3 hours Grape Shot & musket balls as thick as Hail had not the Lord been on our side thousands must have fell but our lives wear spared so that we hope that 50 is the moste that are dead. Aboute as many more wounded their is 4 of our Company missing we suppose one dead 3 wounded Not mortally Wilson Roulinson, Roger Fox, Larance Sullivan Garshum Smith Dead newington people are well excep Daniel Demuns finger Shot of

In battel Some Shot throu their cloaths A remarcable providence that we were preserved For the Regulars stormed our entrenchment we was obliged to Retreat they firing upon us A mile their was above 4000 of the enimy tis supposed. It was thought we took an imprudent step by going so near the mouth of their cannon to entrench For they played upon us on three Sides with cannon.

Charlestown is all burnt down they intend to burn Cambrig.

Received yours dated June 12 which informs me that you are well & all your fathers family I remember my Love to them all & to all Enquirers

I subscribe my name
Ashbel Seymoure.

[From “The Revolutionary War Letters of Captain Roger Welles,” Hartford, 1932, pp. 34-5.]

Children by first wife, born at Newington:
178. i. ASHBEL6, b. 6 Dec. 1777.
179. ii. ERASTUS, b. 2 July 1779.
180. iii. BEVIL, b. 4 Sept. 1782.
Children by second wife:
181. iv. MARTIN, b. 24 Aug. 1789.
v. HONOR, bapt. 26 Feb. 1792; d. young.

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Family Bible at Payson, Ill., says 10 Feb. 1819, ae. 72 y.
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