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267. (Dea.) Erastus Seymour

267. (DEA.) ERASTUS7 SEYMOUR (Erastus6, Ashbel5, Bevil4, Thomas3, John2, Richard1), born 20 Oct. 1808; married 28 June 1832, MARY ANN CHAPMAN, born at Wibraham, Mass., 1 Aug. 1811.

He lived at Rootstown, Ohio, where he was for many years Deacon of the Congregational Church. He taught school in youth; and was prominent in town affairs, holding at different times the offices of Town Clerk, Trustee, and Justice of the Peace, always discharging his duties with fairness and promptitude. He was deeply religious; noted for his ability in memorizing; never an aggressive man, but possessed of staying qualities:

i. BAVIL P.8, b. 4 Aug. 1833; res. (1884) Burlingame, Shawnee Co., Kans.; m. (1) 31 Mar. 1859, EMILINE HAMMOND, b. at Cambridge, Ohio, 1 Sept. 1841, d. 5 Mar. 1860, dau. of David P. and Mary (Blair) ; m. (2) 4 Apr. 1861, MARY JANE BLANDEN, b. at Webster, Mich., 3 Apr. 1836, dau. of Jacob and Chloe Osborn (Allen). He settled in Kansas in June 1857; and was a member of Co. G, 2d Regt, State Militia. He was in active service only during the Price raid in Sept. and Oct. 1864. He was an Elder in the Presbyterian Church in Auburn and Burlingame. Children by second wife:
I. Erastus Loomis9, b. 28 Apr. 1862; d. 24 May 1870.
II. Edward Martin, b. 29 June 1863.
III. Charles Allen, b. 29 Sept. 1866; d. 29 Nov. 1879.
IV. Lettie Blanden, b. 26 Dec. 1868.
V. George Chapman, b. 18 June 1872.
ii. EMELINE A., b. 1 Sept. 1835; res. Rootstown, Ohio.
iii. MARY C, b. 17 July 1838; d. 7 Aug. 1839.
iv. JOEL M., b. 3 Feb. 1842; a clergyman, of Fort Wayne, Ind.; grad. Western Reserve College; m. 1 Oct. 1873, EDNA M. SPEAKER, b. at Minerva, Ohio, 22 Oct. 1847, dau. of William and Margaret E. (Zembourn). He enlisted in the 42d Regt., Ohio Vol. Inf.. 16 Sept. 1861, and was discharged 30 Sept. 1864. Child:
I. Emma Marion9, b. 26 Apr. 1875; m. Bertrand Paul Morsman of Brookfield, Mass.
v. CHARLES ROLLIN, b. 23 July 1845; grad. Western Reserve College; m. 11 Aug. 1874, ELLA E. BUSS, b. at Hudson, Ohio, in 1848, dau. of John and Eliza A. (Goodman). He was Pastor of Congregational Churches in Newburyport (1874–79), Winchester, Mass. (1879–88), and Bennington, Vt. (1888). Children:
I. John Buss9, b. at Newburyport, 11 Feb. 1877; grad. Yale College, 1899; res. Chicago.
II. Margaret (twin), b. at Winchester, 2 Mar. 1881.
III. Mary (twin), b. at Winchester, 2 Mar. 1881.
vi. LUCY CELESTIA, b. 6 Mar. 1848; m. ROBERT LEWIS, of Newton, Mass.

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