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Having completed an account of the descendants of Richard1 Seymour through the sixth generation, we drop here the branches of Thomas2 and Richard2, and devote the rest of the volume to the family of John2. Descendants are too numerous for the author to trace the family in all its ramifications to the present day. The descendants of John2 multiplied more rapidly than those of Thomas2 and Richard2 combined, therefore this section of the book is concerned with more than half of the Colonist's progeny, and the author perforce leaves to others the task of completing the descendants of Thomas2 and Richard2, extensive material for which will be found in the manuscript collections of the late Mary Kingsbury Talcott, of the late Seymour Morris, and of Miss Anna E. Crawford.

The family of John2 Seymour, besides being the most numerous branch, was also the most productive of men and women of distinction. While attempting to trace all the lines deriving from John2 Seymour at least as far as 1880-1900, the period of Miss Talcott's activity in collecting data, the author has amplified the history of certain family groups with whom he was personally acquainted or in whom he felt a special interest.

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