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80. Freeman Seymour

80. FREEMAN5 SEYMOUR (Richard4, (John3, John2, Richard1), born at Hartford, Conn., 17 Jan. 1756, died there 29 Apr. 1800, aged 45; married about 1777, MARY CARTER, born 1 Mar. 1757, died at Hartford, 29 Apr, 1827 in her 70th year.

Freeman Seymour served in the Revolution as a private in Capt. Abner Prior's Company in the regiment commanded by Col. Wolcott. His regiment marched to Boston and took part in the siege of Boston, January to March 1776. The General Assembly in May appointed a company to guard the Treasurer's office, the Secretary's office, and the Pay Table office. He was fifer in this company.

Administration upon the estate of Freeman Seymour, late of Hartford deceased, was granted to Mary Seymour and Elisha Wells, both of Hartford, 30 Oct. 1800. Inventory presented by above administrators, 22 Dec. 1800. Amount, $2326.09 1/3. Estate divided between the following children, their shares being subject to their mother's thirds: Freeman Seymour, eldest son; James Seymour, second son; Mary, wife of Nathaniel Andrus, eldest daughter; “Lieura” Seymour, second daughter; Frederick Seymour, third son; Horace Seymour, fourth son; Huldah Seymour, third daughter; and Heppy Seymour, youngest daughter. (Land mentioned that is held in common with Michael and Richard Seymour.)

Freeman Seymour and Horace Seymour, sons of Mary Seymour late of Hartford deceased, appointed administrators upon her estate, 3 July 1827, James Seymour being a surety. Inventory, amounting to $861.75, was presented 17 Oct. 1827. Distribution of above estate was made, 17 Mar. 1828, to Freeman Seymour, James Seymour, Frederick Seymour, Horace Seymour, Heppy Seymour, the children of Mary Andrus deceased, and the children of Livia Hovey deceased.

i. MARY6, b. 11 Oct. 1778; d. 8 Oct. 1827; m. at Hartford, 26 Nov. 1801, NATHANIEL ANDRUS, b. abt. 1770, d. 22 Oct. 1849, s. of William, Jr., and Hannah (Seymour).
161. ii. FREEMAN, b. 22 Aug. 1780.
162. iii. JAMES, b. 26 Aug. 1782.
iv. PHILURA (called Lieura, Livia and Laura), b. 12 Sept. 1784; d. 3 Apr. 1816 ae. 31 at Hartford; m. 24 Nov. 1808, JEDEDIAH HOVEY. He m. (2) 7 Sept. 1817, Heppy Bunce.
v. HORACE, b. 21 Oct. 1786; d. 1 June 1791.
163. vi. FREDERICK, b. 3 July 1789.
164. vii. HORACE, b. 21 Dec. 1791.
viii. HULDAH, b. 3 Apr. 1794; d. 5 Sept. 1815, unm.
ix. HEPPY, b. 9 June 1796; d. at Hartford, 12 Sept. 1837, unm.

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